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Top 10 Premium Cigar Brands (Part 2)

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Last time we took a look at five premium cigar brands and their tobacco products which are great for newbies as well as experienced smokers who want to experience some of the top brands on the market.  If you are still trying to search for a new brand or you want to experiment and try something new, here are five more brands that are sure to please the most discerning smoker.  (Listed again in alphabetical order.)

  1. La Gloria Cubana—Just like Cohibas, La Gloria Cubana are produced both in Cuba and in the Dominican Republic.  The Cuban versions aren’t going to be available in the U.S., but their Dominican cousins will be.  The Reserva Figurados line is a top-rated series of cigars that are rolled and then set aside for extra aging to give them a richer taste.  Definitely worth the money!
  2. Macanudo—This is the current best-seller in the United States and is another great cigar produced in the Dominican Republic.  Macanudo cigars are not known for being particularly robust, but are smooth and mild.  One thing that has greatly impressed most smokers is the consistency of their cigars.  A Macanudo is generally a top-notch cigar with the Hyde Park Café being an especially excellent selection for serious smokers.
  3. Nub—Now here is an interesting brand.  Nub cigars look just like their namesake, a “nub” of a short, fat cigar.  However, these cigars are very densely packed with tobacco.  This means that they usually have a tobacco smoking time that is comparable to longer cigars.  Check out the coffee noted Cameroon 460 robusto.
  4. Rocky Patel—Rocky Patel, a former entertainment lawyer, has become synonymous with top-line cigars thanks to his Vintage Series introduced in 2003.  One of the best cigar and tobacco reviews for their line came from Cigar Aficionado who scored their Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo an outstanding 95!  This complex and full-flavored cigar can be found online for less than $9 a piece making them not only an incredible smoke but also an incredible price.
  5. Romeo y Julieta—One of the most famous brands in the world named after the world’s most famous tragic lovers, Romeo y Julieta are manufactured in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.  The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Tubos is an excellent belicoso which smokes strongly and rapidly.  Another great selection for any serious smoker.

There you have it.  These are my recommendations for the top brands and some of their finest cigars.  Some smokers will insist that once they have found a brand that they like, they latch on to them and stay devoted, never wavering.  Others will try and experiment with a variety of brands.  Whatever the path for you, find your cigar at BnB Tobacco and enjoy!

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