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Top 10 Thanksgiving Cigars to Buy at BnB Tobacco

Top 10 Thanksgiving Cigars to Buy at BnB Tobacco, News

Yet another holiday season is upon us, and many of us are already making our Thanksgiving plans.  Thanksgiving is perhaps the most indulgent day of the year, so it’s no surprise that cigar enthusiasts tend to carefully select cigars specially for enjoying on this holiday.  So, which cigars complement the spirit of Thanksgiving?  Here are the most exceptional choices that you can find here at BnB Tobacco.

#10: Camacho American Barrel Aged

If your idea of the perfect after-dinner treat is a nice glass of fine bourbon, then Camacho American Barrel Aged is the perfect smoke following a hearty Thanksgiving meal.  This medium-full cigar boasts the brand’s signature Corojo leaves, which have been lovingly aged for five months in a charred bourbon barrel, thus taking on the flavor profile of bourbon beautifully.  The oak blended with the boozy, warm notes really complement the spirit of the season wonderfully.  An American-based tobacco blend makes this cigar stand out from the crowd, offering a nuttiness that many compare to buttery cashews.

#9: Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco

Cuatro Cinco is a limited edition offering marking the brand’s 45th anniversary, and you’ll taste the festive nature of this release right away.  The fillers are simply of a phenomenal quality, and they’ve been aged in vintage white oak barrels to offer a velvety smoothness and woodiness that instantly satisfies.  Rich and robust, its notes of coffee, spice and roasted nuts are as indulgent as Thanksgiving dinner, while a hint of cayenne keeps the palate entranced and offers a wonderful warming quality.  The creamy finish really seals the deal, establishing itself as a great choice for festive days and nights of the year.

#8: Ashton Puro Sol

Yet another stunning choice with a refined edge is Ashton Puro Sol, which will win you over with its dessert qualities that revolve around a bold caramel taste that’s as luxurious as can be, complemented with seasonal spices and toasted almonds that add a buttery element to each pull.  A sugary finish lingers on the tongue to the point that you will find yourself licking your lips over and over again.  The sungrown fillers add a smoothness that’s hard to describe, and the medium body makes it a definite crowd pleaser.

#7: Romeo San Andres by Romeo y Julieta

This beloved cigar uses a Mexican wrapper to set itself apart from the brand’s other offerings, which adds a luxurious flavor to the smoking experience.  Notes of rich chocolate, intriguing oak and black pepper come together beautifully to provide you with a full flavor profile that really hits the spot at any point during your holiday, with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers complementing one another and showing off the true finesse behind the brand.

#6: Dominican Churchill

Dominican Churchill cigars are a tried-and-true classic for a good reason.  These mild-medium offerings are great for any point during your Thanksgiving holiday, and yet the flavor profile always makes you feel like you’re treating yourself to something truly special.  Earthy and spicy, it’s never too sweet or rich, and is great for a full belly.  They’re smooth and consistent enough to get you through the entire holiday season.  And, they just have a reputation for appealing to practically any cigar enthusiast out there, being a safe bet if you’re having a hard time making your Thanksgiving selection.

#5: La Aroma de Cuba di Amor

Seasonal spices, dark cocoa and rich espresso give this medium-full bodied cigar its holiday-like flavor profile that’s certain to not only enchant your palate, but warm your spirit on a cold Thanksgiving evening.  Subtle hints of licorice and leather give it a darker quality that’s great for evening time.  Meanwhile, a sweetness lingers on the palate like a holiday dessert.  Noted for its appearance in countless “top cigar” lists, it contains only the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos and features a San Andres wrapper.

#4: Oliva Serie V

Oliva Serie V is a full-bodied smoke that matches the heaviness of a holiday meal perfectly, and many prefer this after they’ve finished eating, with a nice glass of something in the other hand.  This Nicaraguan treat has a smoothness that’s nothing short of mesmerizing, offering a silky draw that instantly locks you in.  Notes of rich chocolate and robust espresso give it a dessert-like quality that hits the spot after a lovely slice of pumpkin pie.  Yet, it’s never overpowering to the point of overwhelming you after a big meal.

#3: Padron 1964 Anniversary

This limited release certainly has a festive quality to it and makes for a luxurious holiday treat.  Hazelnuts, coffee and chocolate sing above a wonderfully rich and earthy flavor base, giving you a well-rounded smoke that really comes to life on the chillier days of the year.  Many compare it to a decadent cup of hot chocolate, and its flavor has a warming quality that will help you forget the chill as you sit on the deck and enjoy.  The Nicaraguan filler and wrapper both show off the brand’s commitment to quality, with high-end construction to match.

#2: Alec Bradley Nico Puro

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of tasting this iconic cigar, we urge you to incorporate it into your Thanksgiving plans.  Consisting of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, it’s a medium-bodied cigar that’s phenomenally balanced yet gratifyingly rich and decadent.  Nutmeg, leather and gently toasted nuts come alive on the palate followed by a hint of sweet raisins, with all of these notes working together to remind you of holiday memories past.  In short, this flavor profile really captures the feeling of Thanksgiving. 

#1: Arturo Fuente Hemingway

There’s a reason why this cigar remains a legend.  It’s an award-winning cigar with a Cameroon wrapper and beautiful Dominican binder and fillers, offering a medium-bodied profile that blends together flavor notes that we associate with the holiday season.  Aromatic spices, invigorating woods, molasses, walnuts and brown sugar make you feel like you’re feasting on a holiday dessert, and many consider this one of the ultimate choices for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s unmistakably festive, while also lifting your spirits once you take your first draw.

Get the Most Out of Your Cigar Smoking Experience This Thanksgiving at BnB Tobacco

Each of these cigars offers the perfect flavor profile for Thanksgiving, whether you want to enjoy a relaxing smoke during the lazy day hours or treat yourself to something decadent following a rich and satisfying turkey dinner.  We encourage you to explore our vast collection, as we know that you’ll find the perfect holiday smoke no matter what your tastes are.

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