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Top 3 2018 Fall Premium Cigars From BnB Tobacco



Now that the crisp, cool fall weather has arrived, it's time to switch out those light, summery cigars for richer, smokier tobacco blends. At BnB Tobacco, you'll find an incredible variety of fall-friendly cigars that each help you enjoy the autumn weather in their own special way.

Below, you'll discover the 3 best cigars from BnB Tobacco for the 2018 autumn season. 

Fall Cigar #3: Camacho American Barrel Aged

A medium-full cigar that comes from Honduras. The tobacco that comes from this region is uniquely rich and robust, making this cigar perfect for the cooler weather. This cigar boasts a spicy, warm flavor that's enhanced by the flavor of bourbon. The bourbon flavor comes from the aging process that involves placing these cigars in charred bourbon barrels for several months. The leaf has notes of oak that instantly make you think of the fall season. 

Fall Cigar #2: Acid Purple

For fans of mild cigars, this one is the way to go. This top-selling cigar comes from Drew Estate, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. The complex aroma of this cigar will instantly make your mouth water. The flavor is deeply rich and incredibly full, making it an excellent choice for this time of year. Its flavor is earthy, smoky and warm. Just like an autumn breeze, there's a crispness that satisfies tremendously. Each puff is like walking through the woods during a brisk fall afternoon. The draw is known for its velvety texture that's nothing short of luxurious. 

Fall Cigar #1: Aging Room Bin No. 1

For a one-of-a-kind experience, this cigar doesn't disappoint. Each cigar is part of a limited batch, guaranteeing maximum quality and a truly nuanced flavor. A variety of highly rare tobaccos join forces to intrigue your palate with spicy, sweet and creamy notes. The warmth of the spices perfectly mimics the flavor palate of our favorite fall-oriented desserts. This medium-bodied cigar consists of Dominican tobaccos that are each astonishing on their own. Each draw is unbelievably smooth and satisfying. 

Grab These Autumn Cigar Today!

Each of these cigars boasts a flavor profile that beautifully complements the Fall weather. Regardless of your unique preferences, you're guaranteed to find the perfect stogies for the season at BnB Tobacco.

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