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Top 3 2018 Holiday Cigars at BnB Tobacco

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There's something uniquely pleasurable about smoking a cigar during the holiday season. When the holidays arrive, we feel inspired to indulge in the things that comfort us on a deep level. If you're a cigar enthusiast, you're probably looking for the best cigars to complement this beloved time of year. 

Luckily for you, we have made things easy by compiling a quick list of the top three cigars for holiday smoking at BnB Tobacco. Each of these cigars will get you into the holiday spirit with warm, complex flavor profiles and magical aromas. 

2018 Holiday Cigar #3: Acid Toast

Has a medium-full body that's universally satisfying. A blend of fine Nicaraguan tobaccos gives this cigar its iconic blend of spicy and sweet flavor notes that perfectly capture the seasonal flavors of the winter season. The toasty finish adds warmth to the flavor profile that will soothe you on the coldest days of the year. A Maduro wrapper adds depth to the flavor experience. 

2018 Holiday Cigar #2: Aging Room Bin 1

Luxurious option for those who really like to indulge when the holidays come around. A blend of extremely rare tobaccos joins forces to deliver a creamy, earthy, spicy and sweet flavor profile that's absolutely stunning. The richness and warmth of this flavor profile is ideal for the holidays. A Habana wrapper feels absolutely heavenly against the lips. 

2018 Holiday Cigar #1: Alec Bradley Nica Puro

This one really brings back cherished holiday memories. Notes of warm spices, black pepper and rich coffee swirl around on the palate, invigorating your senses. There's also a distinctive creaminess that makes every draw a decadent experience that you'll never forget. This award-winning cigar delivers a one-of-a-kind smoke that you'll savor on cold winter evenings during the holiday season. 

Get into the Cigar Holiday Spirit

These cigars from BnB Tobacco are absolutely perfect for the holidays thanks to their unique flavors and luxurious details.

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