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Top 3 2019 Winter Premium Cigars to Enjoy at BnB Tobacco


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Once the days become dark, cold and dreary, we start turning to comforting pastimes that warm our spirits. For the cigar enthusiast, nothing beats lighting one up on a particularly chilly evening. 

At BnB Tobacco, you'll find a variety of cigars that perfectly capture the spirit of the season. We've found that our customers prefer bolder, more complex and darker tastes during the cold months of winter. These three stogies will satisfy your wintertime cravings thanks to their robust and rich flavors. 

Winter Cigar #3: Ambrosia Mother Earth

Ambrosia Mother Earth is the perfect medium-bodied cigar for cozy winter afternoons. The sweet and spicy flavor profile is just heavy enough to act as a midday pick-me-up. This blend of fine Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos is wrapped in a Connecticut shade that complements the complex flavor profile beautifully.

While you enjoy your Ambrosia Mother Earth cigar, you'll savor notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and brown sugar. The blend of flavors is reminiscent of a decadent dessert that's infused with winter spices. 

Winter Cigar #2: Aging Room M356 Small Batch

Aging Room M356 cigars consist of a luxurious blend of rare tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. Produced in small batches, the superior quality of these cigars is apparent as soon as you take your first inhale. The draw is as velvety as can be, warming you on chilly winter nights. 

The rich spiciness of the medium-full flavor profile makes it a wintertime favorite. It doesn't hurt that these cigars are produced by Rafael Nodal and Jochi Blanco, two of the most respected cigar craftsmen in the industry. 

Winter Cigar #1: Alec Bradley Black Market

Few cigar enthusiasts will be surprised to see the legendary Alec Bradley Black Market cigars at the top of our list. These medium-bodied cigars are as decadent as can be thanks to a warm, spicy and sweet flavor profile that provides the palate with a luxuriously creamy finish. 

To put it simply, these cigars taste expensive. If you're struggling to embrace the cold winter weather, light one of these and feel your mood lift instantly. 

Embrace the Cold Winter Season with Stunning Cigars

If you want to combat the winter blues, grab these stunning stogies today.

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