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Top 3 Cigars From BnB Tobacco to Celebrate the New Year

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Cigars come with a sense of style and a touch of class. Most tobacconists will agree that nothing beats a fine cigar in a great environment. The pleasure tagged along is undeniable. The New Year being around the corner, an excellent cigar will come in handy especially when enjoyed with friends. To mark the occasion, whether you are a new or experienced cigar aficionado, these three cigars will make your day.

The Montecristo Premium Cigar
The sweet fragrance of the Montecristo Premium Cigar will send you to the moon. It is specially handcrafted from the sovereign island country of Dominica with a moderate tropical flavor. The Montecristo cigars burn relatively fast but do not deprive their users of their pleasure. For those who are not so fixed on one particular size, they can try the variety it offers from medium to full bodied cigars. You can have that rich tropical experience at the comfort of your home.

The Lucero Churchill Maduro
It is one of the best Nicaraguan cigars you will find anywhere you go. It is even better when accompanied with some fine wine of your choice. It is smooth and silky and comes in three wrappers. The best part about it is that heavenly aftertaste; that leaves one craving for more.

The Evermore Corona Grande
The smooth smoke of this cigar is what has been missing from your New Year holidays. This machine rolled cigar is known for its incredibly smooth taste and intense flavor. It is mild in strength, which would be perfect for newbies. It would be the perfect cigar to enjoy in any setting. You can have it alone on the porch, your balcony or with a couple of friends on the deck.

There are a lot of cigars out there, but it takes a special cigar for a special occasion. The three cigars meet the high standards of most cigar lovers, so why not try one or even try them all. They come with fantastic quality to make your first day of the year worth remembering. Light up and brighten up your New Years.

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