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Top 3 Fall Cigars at BnB Tobacco

When it comes to the flavors and aromas of Fall, there are many traditional choices such as pumpkin, cinnamon spice and sweet potato. Along with these flavors and aromas, there are themes for Fall gatherings such as Thanksgiving and the Harvest. Another popular Autumn tradition is to enjoy a smoke and share it with others while reminiscing over the previous seasons. While enjoying a smoke with friends and family after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, there are three particular styles of cigars that you should consider this year. They range from the everyday smoke enjoyed throughout the work day to the more extravagant and party-appropriate cigars that are often seen at poker night.

For the many gatherings that you may find yourself invited to over the Fall season, the simple Black & Mild is a good choice. This is a machine rolled cigar that comes out of Pennsylvania with a full rich flavor and a plastic tip. These cigars are with rolled with Middleton’s pipe tobacco which is a well-known flavor, and they also come in many different varieties. These flavors include apple, cream and wine. They provide a smooth and relaxing smoke that is not too heavy and goes well after meals.

For a more exotic flavor in cigars, the Natural Root line of cigars really hits the spot. The finishing flavor of this cigar has a very intense Oakwood and wine mouth feel. This Drew Estate cigar is a world-class contender coming from Esteli, Nicaragua. It shows that new-world manufacturers can produce quality cigars. Their quality make them great for an occasional smoke or a gift for special occasions.

For definite special occasions and familial gatherings, there is the Java Toro Latte. This cigar is made from the best Nicaraguan tobacco and has intense flavors. It is made for anyone who truly enjoys the flavor of cocoa and coffee at the same time. There are even different flavors of wrap when it comes to this product. One is Dark Chocolate Marudo and the other is a Creamy Latte. Like many quality cigars, the aroma made from enjoying one of these Java Toro Latte cigars is made to linger and be enjoyed.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your cigars this fall season, there are a few choices available. You can go with a simple everyday smoke, which offers a variety of flavors and is meant to be enjoyed as often as you wish. Or, you may choose to go with a natural flavored cigar that offers a complementary taste meant to follow a meal. You may go with a cigar which really brings a coffee chocolate flavor to your smoking experience. Either way, any one of these choices is perfect for Fall gatherings or just a quiet evening of watching the Autumn leaves make their way from the beaches of trees to the ground.


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