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Top 3 Fall Cigars From BnB Tobacco

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Every year when autumn comes around the corner, hundreds of tobacco smokers purchase premium cigars for their pleasure. The leaves are fresh during the Fall and this season offers some of the best tasting cigars. Here at BnB Tobacco, we carry a broad selection of cigars and a wide variety of flavors to choose from. What we’re going to focus on are on 3 special cigars that’re perfect for the Fall season.

Rocky Patel cigars are one of the top reviewed brands on our website; rating 5 stars. These cigars have a bold and full-bodied flavor. The smoke is smooth yet strong, allowing you to taste the quality tobacco blend each time you inhale. The flavors carry a hint of chocolate, coffee, and even spice and are a delicious fit for Fall.  Overall, Rocky Patel cigars have a unique upbringing. Their founder was a former attorney who quit his day job to pursue his love for premium cigars and founded one of the most popular brands on the market. Glad he quit his day job to give us cigars like these.

Padron cigars have been around since 1964; they’re considered to be an expensive luxury brand. They use 100% Dominican tobacco. The characteristics of each cigar is based on the series being produced. Some are very spicy while others are smooth and mellow. They’re known to burn slow and long, allowing you get your money’s worth. The quality of these premium cigars will leave you impressed. They’re perfect for daily smokers or  to be smokes on special occasions. For example, they’re awesome to have after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. They can even make a great gift idea for the holidays, as it’s never too early to plan ahead.

Tabak Especial is a fine cigar that blends together the flavors of coffee and fresh tobacco. There are two main cigar flavors to choose from; Dulce and Negra. Negra has a bold taste; just like an espresso. If you’re in the mood for something lighter choose Dulce it tastes like coffee with sugar and cream added. These cigars are perfect to enjoy after dinner with company or by yourself. And for those long mornings before the sun comes up, they can be a great Fall cigar to get your day off right!

Enjoy the bold tastes and coffee flavorings of these cigars for your pleasure. Just as summer wraps up and the Fall approaches; prepare for the slightly cooler weather with these warm, inviting flavors. Autumn is about change and your tastes may change during this time of the year.

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