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Top 3 Fall Pipe Tobacco Products at BnB Tobacco

As it turns to the Fall or autumn season, most people love enjoying the quiet moment before the storm. The weather is conducive to sitting outside or strolling down the park enjoying the briskness of the air and admiring the leaves as they change color. Also, there are those who like spending their free time inside their house chatting with loved ones or friends. All in all, having a good time with your favorite cigar in your hand makes the Fall season unforgettable.

The following are three perfect pipe tobaccos from BnB Tobacco that will enhance your experience for the Fall season.

Ashton Pipe Tobacco

Produced by Kohlhase & Kopp, Philadelphia, Ashton pipe tobacco blend is one of the top quality pipe tobaccos available in the country. Since the 1980s, Ashton pipe tobacco has become the favorite blend for every smoker, especially during the Fall season. Handmade from the Dominican Republic, Ashton is meticulously crafted from superior aged tobacco leaves sourced from all over the world. Aston pipe tobacco is fashioned with a rich aroma and flavor that is enticing to everyone including the non-smokers. Also, it does not linger in your mouth for long.

For $9 at a discount, you are ready to enjoy your preferred Aston tobacco. Some of the available Ashton pipe tobaccos at BnB Tobacco include: Ashton artisans blend 50g, Ashton consummate, Ashton gold rush 50g, Ashton smooth sailing 50g and Ashton guilty pressure 50g among others.

Captain Black Pipe Tobacco

Regarded one of the top best-selling pipe blends, Captain Black Pipe Tobacco is an American known famous trademark. With over five decades of tobacco crafting, Captain Black has created a lasting experience for the new and veterans smokers. Its incredible flavored aromatic mixture will evoke pleasant memories for the fall season.

From $35 to $50 you can sample the six-pack or 12oz tin of Captain Black Pipe Tobacco from BnB Tobacco. The available product includes Captain Black cherry pipe, dark pipe, gold pipe, regular pipe, and royal pipe.

Dunhill Pipe Tobacco

Known for its quality, taste and pleasant experience, Dunhill Pipe Tobacco has been favorite pipe tobacco throughout the Europe and America. Since 1907, Dunhill has produced a variety of tobacco for everyone to enjoy during the autumn season.

Some of their products available at BnB Tobacco include Dunhill aperitif, dark flake, durbar mixture, navy rolls, royal yacht, and standard medium among others.

In conclusion, all pipes tobaccos are lovely during the autumn season. All you need is to understand the perfect type of pipe. Also, know where and how to source it as well as the cost. What remains, is blending your favorite taste of tobacco, relaxing and enjoying the tranquility of the autumn season.


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