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Top 3 Springtime Premium Cigars at BnB Tobacco

Springtime Flowers

There's nothing like that first day of the Spring season when the air feels warm, buds appear on the trees and the sun is shining. On days like these, nothing is more pleasurable than sitting on the deck and puffing on a flavorful cigar. If you want to welcome the spring weather in style, the three cigars listed below will satisfy you profoundly. Each premium cigar contains flavor notes that perfectly complement the feeling of the Spring season.

Baccarat Maduro

If you're looking for a mild cigar that's as light and satisfying as a spring breeze, a Baccarat Maduro cigar is the way to go. This cigar is made with a vintage wrapping technique that involves the use of sweet gum to enhance the overall flavor. The result is notes of honey-like sweetness and a slightly floral aroma that's reminiscent of the honeysuckles that blossom during the spring season.

Made with Honduran tobacco, Baccarat Maduro cigars are outstandingly smooth. The mild notes of nuttiness hit the spot as you inhale. As the flavor rests on your palate, aromatic earthiness takes over without overpowering the nuances of the overall taste. The exhale provides you with that stunning kiss of honey that's sweet yet subtle. 

Liga Undercrown Shade

While enjoying the mild, warm weather of spring, we crave flavors that satisfy without overwhelming our taste buds. The Liga Undercrown Shade possesses an incredibly complex flavor profile that's stunningly balanced, giving you a plethora of mouth-watering flavor notes that won't overwhelm your palate. Notes of aromatic spices, smooth cream and rich nuttiness shine while you puff away on this medium-bodied masterpiece.

On the inhale, notes of nuttiness intoxicate you. The richness of the nutty flavor has a buttery characteristic that's simply irresistible. As the smoke swirls around on the tongue, glorious spices begin to emerge, intriguing your taste buds without overwhelming your senses. Each exhale is sweet and creamy, making you feel like you just indulged in something decadent.

CAO Flathead Steel Horse

CAO Flathead Steel Horse has a medium-full body that's dripping with exquisite flavor. Notes of invigorating spices and mouth-watering leather beautifully complement the aromas of the spring season. This timeless classic never disappoints. 

You'll savor notes of earthiness and spice as you inhale. A gentle honey-like sweetness then crawls over the palate. Notes of aromatic leather complete this luxurious experience.

These premium cigars will enhance your springtime smoking with delicious flavors that reflect the season.


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