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Top 5 2019 Springtime Premium Cigars at BnB Tobacco

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Now that spring has arrived, smokers can finally enjoy their cigars outdoors once again.  This time of year is beautiful, and the best way to celebrate the warmer weather and the longer days is to savor a luxurious smoke while sitting on your deck or your front porch.  And, if you’re looking for the right cigars to get you through the springtime season, we have what every cigar lover needs. At BnB Tobacco, we have some spectacular stogies that are perfect for this time of year.


Below, you’ll discover our top five cigars for this spring season.


Springtime Cigar #5: Camacho American Barrel Aged


If full-bodied cigars are what you crave all year round, we have the perfect smoke for you to try.  The Camacho American Barrel Aged offers a wide spectrum of flavor notes that will get you amped up for the warm weather that’s ahead.  The rich tobacco comes from the legendary Jamastran Valley in Honduras where the crops are nothing short of exceptional.


The Corojo leaves give this cigar an earthy and smoky taste.  It’s aged in charred bourbon barrels, giving it a complex flavor profile that reminds you of fine Kentucky whiskey along with notes of oak that are simply irresistible.


Springtime Cigar #4: Aging Room Havao


This mild-medium-bodied cigar is produced in small batches for maximum quality control, meaning that you’ll notice the superior taste of this luxurious cigar as soon as you take that first velvety draw.  The tobacco is on the milder side, but its complex flavor profile and aroma gives it a richness that can’t be denied.  It’s light enough to refresh you on warm days but flavorful enough to make you savor the moment.


The tobaccos come from the Dominican Republic and boast notes of spice, smoke and earth.  A hint of sweetness at the end ties together all of these delicious flavor notes for a truly balanced smoke.


Springtime Cigar #3: Alec Bradly Sanctum


The Alec Bradley Sanctum cigar is a medium-bodied smoke that has a high-end taste.  A blend of Nicaraguan, Colombian and Honduran tobaccos provides you with a superbly balanced flavor that’s both rich and clean.  The Costa Rican binder is just the icing on the cake.


This cigar is great for the springtime because it boasts notes of fruit, nuts, spices and wood.  You’ll feel refreshed while you smoke as the richness increases every second that the tobacco sits on your palate.  Simply put, this one can’t be missed.


Springtime Cigar #2: 100% Dominican Robusto Grande Cigar


Our 100% Dominican Robusto Grande Cigar is the perfect everyday smoke for the springtime because of its mild yet complex flavor profile that will make you want to enjoy it on the deck throughout the entire season.  The Dominican tobaccos are nothing short of extraordinary, providing you with a wide spectrum of flavor notes that each enchant your palate in their own unique way.


At first, you’ll get satisfying earthy tones before a hint of spice teases your palate.  The smoothness of this blend is so impressive that each draw will be as velvety as can be.


Springtime Cigar #1: Acid Cold Infusion Tea


Looking for a light, refreshing smoke that delivers a seriously satisfying flavor experience?  The Acid Cold Infusion Tea cigars are mild yet flavorful.  The blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos provides your taste buds with seasonal flavors like peaches, cream, pine and black tea.  Need we say more?


Enjoy Your Outdoor Cigar Sessions


Any of these cigars will satisfy you as you take in the beautiful weather of the spring season.  If you’re a true tobacco connoisseur, we recommend that you give all five a try.

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