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Top 5 2021 Summertime Hemp Products at BnB Tobacco

Summer really is in full swing, and with many of us getting the most fun by being outdoors again, for a number of different reasons, it’s no wonder this time of the year is the most relaxing.  As COVID lockdown restrictions across the United States start to ease up, this can be the ideal time to consider grabbing some unique CBD and hemp-based products to be taken daily here at BnB Tobacco.

Adding these types of amazing products would make your summer even more enjoyable, blissful, and possibly euphoric.  Every product we have listed below offers the full effects of the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.  Plus, the hemp from each brand has been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory, which ensures that the compounds are both pure and bioavailable.

This is the type of excitement that most of us have been waiting for, as we work on our tans, go surfing, or just take in what the summertime season has to offer.  Not to mention, you’ll be giving your body the absolute best hemp experience possible.

Summertime Hemp Product #5: Beleave CBD Suver Flower

Suver is a cross between special sauce and OG haze.  This is a testament to the rich farming and social history of Suver road in southern Oregon.  Suver haze has a memorable, invigorating terpene profile with sweet and tart undertones reminiscent of an old-school haze.  These dense furry buds produce an uplifting, high energy, creative buzz appropriate for any summertime activity!

Summertime Hemp Product #4: Superhemp Blueberry Hemp Wraps

Superhemp Blueberry Hemp Wraps with no nicotine, tar, tobacco, or other chemicals. GMO Free.  Not only do these wraps burn slow and smooth, but every Superhemp Wrap box contains 25 "super seal" resealable foil pouches to ensure maximum freshness, no matter where your summer travels may take you. Each pouch contains 2 wraps and filler tips are included.  Not to mention, that blueberry taste will have you licking your lips with each hit.

Summertime Hemp Product #3: Green Roads Mango CBD Cartridge

Looking for some much-needed paradise?  Well, time to wake up your tropical taste buds with Green Road's 250mg Free the Leaf Mango CBD 1ml cartridge, a juicy blend of CBD hemp extracts and natural terpenes.  This proprietary formula delivers a refreshingly smooth combination of tangy tart and succulent sweet for a mouth-watering experience that leaves you feeling fresh.  Also, because vaping CBD offers the highest bioavailability (your body’s ability to access active ingredients), this awesome and blissful is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to provide your body the cannabidiol it needs.  Available in a Box of 9 or Single Cartridge, the cart is compatible with standard 510-threading vape pens.

Summertime Hemp Product #2: Hemp Zone Mota Island Hemp Smokes

Hemp Zone Mota Island Hemp Smokes are bringing the tropical islands straight to you!  These are made with organic hemp leaves instead of tobacco, making them delicious and non-addictive. They contain NO tobacco and NO nicotine, just 100% high-quality hemp grown here in the USA.  Whether you are searching for a better way to be chilled out or an alternative smoking option, Hemp Smokes are here to help.  Made from both hemp and CBD oil, these non-psychoactive smokes provide a new and exciting option. Each wraps has approximately 60 mg of CBD per gram of hemp (60 mg CBD per hempette).

Summertime Hemp Product #1: Green and Wild Peach CBD Hempettes

Nothing is as refreshing and tranquil as a good ol’ Georgia Peach in the middle of summer.  Unless, of course, you are smoking that flavor.  Available in a Pack of 20 or 10 Packs of 20, Green and Wild's Peach Hemp Smokes consist of premium Hemp CBD Flower and contain less than 0.3% THC.  Plus, these smokes DO NOT contain tobacco or nicotine.  Every stick has at minimum 120mg of cannabidiol, and each pack contains 1200+ milligrams of CBD.

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