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Top 5 Mild Bodied Cigars

Mild Bodied Cigars

Mild Bodied Cigars

Many times, nothing hits the spot like a smooth, mild-bodied cigar. At BnB Tobacco, you can find a wide variety of mild cigars that are rich, aromatic and incredibly satisfying. Below, you'll discover the five best mild-bodied Cigars at BnB Tobacco.


CAO Flavours

CAO is a brand that never disappoints. For decades, they've been releasing exquisite cigars that are remarkably high in quality. The CAO Flavours cigars beautifully demonstrate the brand's ability to create nuanced flavors with the very finest tobacco. Every flavoring agent is carefully sourced in order to ensure a delectable taste for your smoking pleasure.


Made with exceptional vanilla beans from Madagascar, their Vanilla Bella flavor is smooth, rich and absolutely tantalizing. Their Gold Honey consists of Nicaraguan tobacco and orange blossom honey that comes straight from the lush orange groves of Florida. There's also Cherry Bomb, a stunning Cuban tobacco that's infused with dark cherry, vanilla and black currant flavors.


Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Cigars

For a century, Arturo Fuente has been stunning cigar enthusiasts with exceptional flavors and brilliant construction. Their exquisite Dominican tobacco comes from Chateau de la Fuente, their tobacco plantation that has been owned and operated by the family for four generations.


The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Cigars celebrate the brand's legacy. This aged Dominican tobacco is incredibly smooth, rich and full of complexity. Notes of earth and cedar are apparent at first. As the flavor blossoms, rich cream and nutty coffee begin to appear on the palate. Fans of this cigar appreciate its satisfying draw as well as its intoxicating aroma.


Acid Krush Cigars

From Drew Estate, the Acid Krush Cigars are renowned for their striking aromas. When you light one of these cigars, the air around you will become perfumed with an exquisite fragrance. Rich yet mild Nicaraguan tobacco is stunningly smooth and satisfying. Four different varieties guarantee that there's a flavor for every palate.


The size and shape of these cigars make it a popular choice for smoking on the go. Despite their small size, they provide plenty of satisfying pulls per piece. You can choose from Red, Purple, Blue and Gold. Each flavor boasts a unique, nuanced flavor that you're likely to find irresistible.


Ashton Cabinet Selection Cigars

The Ashton Cabinet Selection Cigars are meticulously crafted in order to deliver unbelievable flavor. This brand never cuts corners during the manufacturing process. These cigars are filled with a handful of different Nicaraguan tobaccos that have each been aged for a minimum of four years. Each cigar is wrapped in a Connecticut shade wrapper before being sent off to age for one more year. You'll notice this attention to detail as soon as you take your first pull.


The first thing that you'll notice when you smoke an Ashton Cabinet Selection Cigar is the unbelievable smoothness as the tobacco glides across the mouth. Then, you'll be astounded by the sublime richness of the flavor. A silky, creamy finish is guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied.


Acid Purple Cigars

If you prefer earthy flavors, you'll adore Acid Purple Cigars. Between the smoothness of the tobacco and the rich, savory flavor, this cigar never fails to satisfy. The Sumatran wrapper is pleasantly sweet, complementing the taste of the Nicaraguan tobacco beautifully.


The Acid Purple Cigars are renowned for their pungent aromas. You'll find that the fragrance of this luxurious cigar enhances your smoking experience profoundly.


Grab These Cigars Today!

These mild-bodied cigars at BnB Tobacco are guaranteed to delight your palate while providing you with an outrageously smooth smoke.

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