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Top 5 Summertime Premium Cigars of 2022

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The summer is a special time of year for cigar enthusiasts, who have yet another reason to enjoy hours spent outdoors, smoking their favorite premium cigars while taking in the warm weather. In fact, few will argue that there is anything that makes a summertime day or evening more special than a high-quality cigar with a flavor that complements the season.  Plus, no cigar company understands this better than BnB Tobacco. So, with summer now in full swing, the time is now to treat yourself to some premium cigars that don’t just provide you with a luxurious smoke but have qualities that are ideal for the warmer weather.

Which Cigars Can Make For the Best Summertime Enjoyment?

During the warm months, we can spend longer periods of time outdoors, simply puffing away on a stogie without worrying about that smoke getting in the house. This means that summer is the time of year to really make the most of your smoking experience.   And, at BnB Tobacco, we believe that each cigar smoke is an event, so we want you to celebrate with these seasonal varieties that supply blends of tobaccos you will crave all summer long.

Summertime Premium Cigar #5: Cao Cameroon

Easily, one of the most highly rated options for the summer season is the Cao Cameroon, although honestly, you’d have a hard time finding a time of year when you wouldn’t want to indulge in this beauty. What makes it so seasonal to us is its stunning balance and smoothness, trading in the heavier flavor notes for something that’s on the lighter side. The Nicaraguan tobacco is primarily sweet and earthy, like the scent of the air on a beautiful summer day, and a Cameroon wrapper that really ties everything together. You will likely find yourself very impressed by the sublime quality after each puff of smoke.

Summertime Premium Cigar #4: Liga Undercrown Maduro “Mad Dog” Doja Dogma

Talk about a summertime indulgence – this beauty has a flavor that goes well with the time of year, so much so that you’ll want to keep it around throughout the entirety of the season. The Mexican San Andres wrapper uses Connecticut stalk-cut and stalk-cured Habano binder, along with a blend of Nicaraguan Habano and Brazilian Mata Fina filler. This allows for a medium-full body that exudes succulent creaminess and just the right amount of sweetness to leave you licking your lips without any heaviness – in other words, it gives you exactly what you want once the weather gets warm. There’s also a nice level of spiciness, although the flavor profile, overall, has a lightness to it that hits the spot.

Summertime Premium Cigar #3: Naked Connecticut Bundles

Handmade premium Dominican cigars that are made with Cuban-seed Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler, and then wrapped in a fine Connecticut natural wrapper. This blend delivers notes creamy, a hint of spice, and a sweet smoke. These are also reasonably priced, high-quality stogies that give you a smooth, aged handmade smoke with all the hallmarks of a premium cigar, without the fancy expensive packaging and elaborate cigar band. More money left in your pocket then for some summer fun. Also known for their beautiful construction and consistent performance, making them an easy summertime favorite, and the type you just gotta reach for time and time again.

Summertime Cigar #2: Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged

If your idea of the perfect summertime elixir involves Kentucky bourbon, then look no further. Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged is a rare treat that’ll make the most mundane summer evening feel luxurious. This legendary manufacturer has given us an award-winning stogie made with Corojo leaves that have been aged in a charred bourbon barrel for a total of 5 months, which does an incredible job at giving you the taste of real Kentucky bourbon with each pull, along with the smooth and invigorating undertone of oak. Medium-bodied and wrapped in a Habano wrapper, it’s something to pull out on a particularly beautiful night.

Summertime #1: Partagas 1845 Clasico

With its striking blend of carefully selected Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, Partagas 1845 Clasico shows off the legacy of this legend and acts as one of the most decadent reaches for warm weather that you’ll find anywhere. With its notes of coffee, cocoa and nuttiness, it ends up being a luxuriously creamy smoke that’s never too heavy, and instead offers a masterpiece of true balance. It has a Sumatran wrapper, and unrivaled construction that instantly makes you know that you’re indulging in something really special. Its complexity paired with its smoothness makes it stand out, and even makes it a clear favorite for the warm months of summertime.

Nothing Quite Beats a Summertime Smoke at BnB Tobacco!

At BnB Tobacco, summer is our favorite time of year for smoking a premium cigar, and if you feel the same way, then we highly recommend sampling some seasonal smokes to enjoy the perfect variety to satisfy every craving. No matter what type of cigar you crave, with the warm weather comes an appreciation for smoother, creamier flavor profiles. So, these amazing cigars really satisfy beyond belief. Check them out today!

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