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Try Hosting A Cigar Sampling Party for Your Next Gathering

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While it’s nice to frequent local cigar lounges to enjoy smoking your fine stogies, how about bringing that social experience home and hosting a cigar sampling party with a small group of friends.
I know we’re all busy but planning a cigar sampler party doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. First off, think about who you want to invite. For this type of party, invite guests who are either curious about cigar smoking or are cigar enthusiasts. After bottoming out around the late 1980’s, cigar smoking is enjoying a resurgence of popularity the past 15 years. Let those who are new to cigar smoking that you are spreading the word about this pleasurable activity and to give it a try! Look into an online service like Evite to do a simple invite that your guests can RSVP online.
To enhance your guests’ smoking experience, it’s best to have everyone light up after they have had some food and drink. What to serve as a prelude to cigar smoking? Think bold tastes –flavorful but not rich. For example, hard cheeses with distinctive flavors go well just as dark chocolates and standard and exotic fruits. Keep in mind that cigars tend to not go well with ultra-creamy or heavy bites. For the drinks, I suggest a Port or red Zinfandel but other red wines like a Pinot Noir or Spanish would work well too. Try to avoid sweet or white wines. Serving beer is ok so how about a stout or other dark beer. If you want to serve a cocktail, a White Russian is a nice choice or coffee-flavored liquor.
Don’t forget to stock up on the little things you will need like wooden matches and some cigar cutters. Now for the choice of cigars – it’s best to purchase quality cigars at good prices from a reputable online tobacco company like Buy a sampler box or two of premium cigars. Some affordable sampler choices include Romeo y Julieta, Joya De Nicaragua or cigars of the Dominican Republic. While visiting the website, you can also purchase cigar humidors, cigar boxes and accessories.
Once your guests have had some food and drinks, give each one an assigned cigar and have them light up and enjoy. Then go around and have each person share with the others what they think of their assigned cigar. If you do have a mix of cigar enthusiasts and those new to cigar smoking, it’s a nice touch when the regulars can share helpful information like explaining the difference between a Claro- wrapped cigar, which has a tan outer wrapper and is light and generally dry tasting, and the Maduro, which is in a dark brown wrapper and has more of a sweetish taste.

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