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Use a Hookah without All of the Stress and Mess

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FantasiaTraditional hookahs tend to be a messy experience, although a rewarding one. It takes a lot to get a hookah prepared to smoke. Some days you just may not feel like setting up a hookah just to experience it again. Now you can experience it in a stress free manner by using a Fantasia electronic hookah. The world of hookah smoking has been changed by Fantasia. Their e-hookahs are easy to use, disposable and give eight hundred puffs per e-hookah. There is no nicotine, tar or tobacco involved. Imagine smoking a hookah without any hassle and with the choice of different flavors too. Fantasia offers the following e-hookah flavors; Dirty Blonde, Joker, 4 Play, Magic Dragon, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Surfer, Ice Mint, Purple Haze Spice and Washington Apple.

Learn More about E-Hookahs

An e-hookah does not produce any smoke, they produce vapors. These vapors can be flavored depending on the type of e-hookah you have purchased. They do not contain any tobacco or tar. This is healthier for you than smoking a traditional hookah. Some e-hookahs are rechargeable too. This enables you to either replace batteries or plug it in to re-charge the current battery. Since taking a puff does not require a lot of energy, it takes quite some time to wear down the battery of an e-hookah. Most e-hookahs available are disposable, however. This means they are not re-fillable or re-chargeable. Instead you simply place your next order for the flavor of e-hookah you want to enjoy, and receive it in the mail. Disposable e-hookahs are convenient for some, while others prefer to refill and recharge them on a regular basis. It is all about personal choice.

Electronic Hookahs Require Less Maintenance than Traditional Hookahs

There is no need to clean an e-hookah. That is part of the beauty of owning one. Traditional hookahs tend to be quite sticky and messy since they must use shisha. While the experience is rewarding it is a major hassle to clean the hookah after a single smoking session. You will not have the responsibility of lighting a coal and keeping it burning properly when you use an electronic hookah. It is battery operated and allows you to start puffing immediately. This also makes an e-hookah easier to take with you anywhere you travel. It is about the same size as a normal cigarette. It just does not get any easier than being able to tuck an e-hookah in your pocket or purse for convenience. Since electronic hookahs do not produce any smoke, just vapors, you can smoke them anywhere you wish.

BnB Tobacco has the Fantasia electronic hookah for sale in many different flavors. When you want a smoking experience that is healthy and fun, try your first e-hookah today.

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