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Using a Cigar Lighter For A Cigar Only

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Cigar Lighter lighting A Cigar

It has often been quoted that a wooden match is the best way to light a cigar. Probably this was true in the grand old days, but with so many stylish and fashionable cigar lighters flooding the market sticking to the grand old days fashion can be unfashionable. Now with so many choices available it can be difficult to choose between a Zippo, Xikar or a Colibri.


It’s always better to use a cigar lighter to light a stogie. To go even further...


Firstly you don’t have to cut a cigarette. It’s only a cigar that you cut and therefore manufacturers of cigar lighter tend to build a cigar cutter with a lighter. It’s a matter of convenience.


Secondly it takes time to light a cigar. A wooden match stick will not last long enough and then you have to light a second one to accomplish the task as a Ccgar is manufactured with moist tobacco compared to the dry tobacco in a cigarette. This can be frustrating as the Sulphur tip of the match stick would burn off very soon.


Added to this fact is that some may find the odor of the burning Sulphur a little distasteful. It is also a little dangerous to use a cigarette lighter to light a Cigar. Cigar takes a little more time to light up than a Cigarette. This is the reason why a Cigar lighter has a broader flame. Sulphur in a wooden match stick or other gas or liquid cigarette may change or affect the taste of your cigar.


Burning odorless Butane does not have any effect on the taste of the cigar. Another difference between a cigarette lighter and a cigar lighter is the filtering factor. There has been a lot of development from the first Dobereiner’s lamp lighter to the latest cigar lighter technically. Manufactures have put in a lot of their time, money and effort to make cigar lighter convenient to use, healthy and safe to use.


Now we have different varieties of cigar, whereas cigarettes mostly remains of the same shape and length. We have thin cigars as well as thicker ones and therefore the requirement of a different type of cigar lighter also arises. A torch cigar lighter is the best choice if you are lighting a cigar outdoor as they are designed to be wind resistant. They can also be used indoor safely. A double or triple flame cigar lighter will help you light your cigar quicker but remember that they consume fuel faster and that will make you run to fill up the lighter again. As a matter of convenience you can opt out for a cigar lighter with a window that shows the residual fuel or one with a fuel indicator. That saves you from the frustration of discovering that your cigar lighter is empty when you want to light up a cigar.


Let’s look at a different scenario. Would you be able to light up your cigar with a cigarette lighter at a high altitude? So, we have companies marketing cigar lighters which work wonderfully there too.


Well, that give you an idea of how cigar lighter are designed with a specific purpose keeping in mind all the different scenarios and requirements. Safety and convenience are the most important parameters to look for when buying one. It’s always better to use a specially designed cigar lighter to light up a cigar rather than anything else.



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