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What A Cigar Band Represents

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 Besides the shape and size of a cigar, it’s its band that gives the smoker key information so that they know exactly what to expect when they smoke it.  The cigar band is a critical component as it informs the smoker on not only the maker but certain attributes such as the country of origin and the type of tobacco that’s inside.

 The cigar band, to the surprise of many, has a fascinating history.  We’re going to tell you all about its importance and its origins so that you can gain a new appreciation for that little piece of material that’s wrapped around your cigar.

 What is the Significance of a Cigar Band?

 As we said earlier, observing the cigar band is how you know what to expect when you light up your cigar.  With such an enormous variety of manufacturers, tobaccos, wrappers and more, it’s really hard to know what your smoke will be like without this key information.


Additionally, cigar bands add to the aesthetic appeal of the cigar hobby.  Many serious cigar hobbyists collect cigar bands and proudly display them somewhere close to their cigar collection.  That’s because some of them are like works of art, boasting gorgeous colors and patterns.

 Now, that’s first explore the history of cigar bands.

 Catherine the Great

 Once upon a time, cigar bands were unheard of.  According to legend, that all changed when Catherine the Great, the controversial tsarina of the late 1700s, demanded that her cigars be wrapped in fine silk.  As an avid cigar enthusiast, Catherine wanted to be able to enjoy her hobby without staining her royal fingers.

 Now, Catherine had a lot of influence back then, and her cigars came from only the finest manufacturers in the world.  So, the most reputable cigar brands began wrapping their cigars in silk in order to appeal to her.  From that point, wrapping cigars in a protective coating became standard.  Eventually, this led to the thin yet elegant band that we see today.

 Early Days of the Commercial Cigar Industry

 Legend has it that Dutch manufacturer Gustave Bock was the first to wrap his cigars in the bands that we are all familiar with today.  The idea was that by wrapping his name around his cigars, his products would serve as advertisements.  The bands were a highly successful marketing idea as his cigars quickly became recognizable around the world for their quality.

 It wasn’t long before Cuban manufacturers started applying this idea in their own practices.  Within a couple of decades, it became commonplace to place a band on a cigar, providing the user with crucial information relating to what they’re about to be smoking.

 A Cigar Band Has a Deeper Meaning

 As you can see, the cigar band is so much more than a convenient way to find out information about your cigar.  It’s a symbol of the amazing history behind this immortal industry.

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