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What are the Most Common Cigar Terms You Need to Know Here in 2022?

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Anyone new to the world of cigars, or perhaps someone looking to take their cigar knowledge to the next level, could turn to books and/or online forums in order to know more about the stogie world coupled with the vast terminologies that are out the today.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn more.  However, if you don’t know exactly what to look for, and even where to start, this often leads to additional confusion, since the writing in books or the forums contain jargon they might not be familiar with.

You see, new terms can make learning about cigars increasingly challenging and confusing. But, knowing the jargon could also help more cigar users of any level communicate properly. 

The Key Cigar Terminologies to Get a Better Idea About

Below are the most popular words and definitions you gotta know if you’re looking to up your intelligence in the cigar space.

  • Aficionado: A cigar smoker who identifies as though they’re an expert on the topic of cigars.
  • Amatista: This sealed glass jar that’s usually labeled “factory fresh, contains either 25 or 50 cigars.
  • Band: Paper ring that’s wrapped around cigars, binding them together and may even display the name of the cigar brand or region of origin.
  • Barrel: The primary body of a cigar.
  • Belicoso: Short, pyramid-shaped cigar that has a tapered head.
  • Binder: The tobacco leaf that holds together the filler leaves with the wrapper.
  • Blend: Mixture of unique tobacco types in a cigar, that can include the filler leaves inside the outer wrapper and binder.
  • Bloom: This occurs when the cigar exudes oils as part of its natural aging process, and also can show up as a white powder on the cigar’s outside.
  • Bouquet: A fine cigar’s smell.
  • Bullet Cutter: A cigar punch used to cut open one end of the cigar.
  • Bundle: The filler leaves used inside of the cigar to create its body.
  • Capa: A cigar’s outside wrapper.
  • Cedar: This frequent kind of wood is used to manufacture cigar boxes and humidors.
  • Churchill: Named after England’s former Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (who was rarely seen without a cigar in hand), after World War 2, it’s a 7-inch cigar with a 48-gauge.
  • Corojos: Tobacco plants that supply wrapper leaves for cigars.
  • Corona: A straight-sided cigar (most popular shape there is) with a gaping foot along with a rounded and closed head.
  • Cuban Seed: Tobacco plants grown in different countries with seeds deriving from Cuba.
  • Diademas: A long 8-inch cigar with a tapered & closed head.
  • Draw: How much someone’s pulls on a lit cigar.
  • Entubar: A Cuban method of rolling a cigar in order to get better airflow.
  • Filler leaves: The tobacco leaves used in the cigar’s body.
  • Foot: A cigar’s end that’s lit when smoking.
  • Gorda: A cigar’s large ring gauge.
  • Habano: Cigar made in Cuba.
  • Hand: Single tobacco leaves tied together and hung after harvest.
  • Handmade: Cigars entirely made by hand.
  • Hand-rolled: A cigar rolled by hand only.
  • Humidor: A room or a box with humidity controls used to preserve a cigar collection’s overall freshness.
  • Ligero: A filler-type of tobacco.
  • Machine-Made: Cigars made entirely by machines.
  • Nub: Smoking a cigar to the point that’s it’s just too small to even hold.
  • Panetela: A long and thin cigar.
  • Parejos: Straight-sided cigars.
  • Partido: Cuba’s tobacco growing area.
  • Perfecto: A cigar that’s closed at both ends.
  • Puro: A cigar mix using tobacco varieties from the same country.
  • Ring gauge: A cigar diameter measurement.
  • Robusto: Short cigar that has a high-number gauge.
  • Stogie: Just another name for a cigar.
  • Sun-grown: Tobacco that is grown in direct sunlight.
  • Torcedores: Rollers used to roll cigars.
  • Torpedo: A cigar with a closed foot and a pointed head, bulging in the middle.
  • Vega: Another name for a tobacco plantation.
  • Vitola: Reference to cigar shapes (i.e., Robusto and Torpedo).
  • Wheel: A bundle composed of 100 cigars.
  • Wrapper: Quality tobacco leaf wrapper that goes around the bunch and binder.

Bottom Line: Know Your Cigar Terms!

At the end of the day, having a better understanding of the meaning behind tobacco jargon, coupled with utilizing those words properly, can help you make a better impression on other cigar aficionados.  And, most crucially, gain even more awesome enjoyment out of your stogie buying and smoking experience.

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