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What if the Entire World Was a Cigar Lounge?

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What if the entire world was a cigar lounge? What if every restaurant, bar, hotel was a smoking room? What if everyone smoked cigars? The world would be an entirely different place.

All types of cigars would be available everywhere. From small cigars, to Cuban cigars, to cheap cigars, to rare choice tobaccos, cigar mania would be everywhere. Every destination would be a cigar lounge, and everyone would be smoking them everywhere.

Every meal would come with a cigar. Even at the fast food restaurant, there would be cigars on the menu. Every business and office would have a cigar case or room dedicated to cigars. The love for the art of cigar would be widespread, and people would be encouraged to go into the cigar business commonly.

Every car would come with a cigar box within the car, where cigars could be stored. Each new house that was being built would come with a cigar room built in it. Heck, every room in every house would have a cigar case in it. Every building, every factory, even in the space station, there would be a cigar case with a selection of prized cigars.

The tobacco farmers would do amazingly well all over the world. Tobacco farmers would be rich. They would be increasing their crop each year, with more and more cigar outlets popping up everywhere all of the time.

Wow what the world would be like if it were made of cigars? The world would definitely be more relaxed, with people enjoying a fine tobacco product to take the edge off the day. There would be a lot fewer angry people in the world if this were a reality. One can only imagine a world that was a cigar lounge.

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