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What Is An “Entubar” Style Cigar?



We all know that modern cigar-making is nothing like it was a century ago. Once upon a time, every aspect of the cigar-making process was done by hand. Nowadays, even the most respected cigar brands utilize industrial machines to create a consistent, flawless product. 

However, some of the cigar-making practices from yesteryear are being explored once again. Among these practices is the entubar style. This advanced, labor-intensive process results in what many believe is a much more pleasurable smoke. But, is it worth it? 

The Entubar Style

The entubar style refers to the way in which the tobacco is wrapped. It's widely believed that this was the original way in which all cigars were manufactured. The method involves using the wrapper to create several tiny rolls of filler tobacco. This creates a series of very skinny tubes. Then, the whole thing is wrapped in a binder. 

Many cigar enthusiasts believe that entubar-style cigars are much more satisfying. This has to do with the way in which this method affects overall airflow. By having several different airflow channels, the draws tend to be more robust and fuller. Each individual channel produces a good deal of smoke, meaning that each puff is more potent. 

It's also believed that this method promotes a more complex and intense flavor. Again, this has to do with airflow. The way in which the smoke passes through the tubes brings out more subtle flavor notes that might have been undetectable had the cigar been made using a more conventional manufacturing process. 

Another advantage of this method is that it allows the cigar to hold a lot more tobacco. Because of how tightly rolled each tube is, the manufacturer can fit nearly double the amount of tobacco into each cigar. 

Of course, it's not easy to get your hands on this style of cigar. Because of the enormous amount of time it takes to produce this type of cigar, you'll likely spend a good deal of money. However, many serious cigar enthusiasts believe that it's worth it. 

Explore This Style Today

If you want to experience a brand-new way of smoking, it's worth exploring an entubar-style cigar.

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