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What Is the Best Cigar For You

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Premium CigarsWhen it comes to getting advice about the best cigars, there are a few things you need to consider. A lot goes into creating premium cigars that are of high quality. Not every smoke is the same either. Cigars are becoming more popular among smokers that want a bold and robust tobacco flavor. The idea behind smoking cigars has changed over time and encompasses rookie cigar smokers and veterans. Over all smoking a cigar gives a person an air of class and character that focuses on the pleasure of smoking, not just the habitual habit that seems to plague cigarette smokers. Cigars are in a class all on their own and pull individuals that want to actually enjoy their tobacco whether it is during a daily routine, after dinner with drinks, during golf, or a special moment that is enjoyed every once in a while.

Cigars Define Your Lifestyle
Since there are literally thousands of cigars available, you need to find which cigar fits your lifestyle and tastes the best. The first thing you need to consider is the body of a cigar. What type are you looking for? Cigars range from full to medium and mild. You want to find a cigar that pleases your palate and does not overwhelm your senses. It may be a good idea to start with a mild cigar and work your way into the more bold bodied cigars.

Cigar Size Matters
It may seem like size is just that, about the girth of a cigar. This is not true, however. The size of a particular cigar has an effect on the type of flavor and how long it lasts. You should choose the size of a cigar based on the amount of time you have to smoke it. If you are going to smoke a cigar while playing golf, you will want a cigar that is up to seven inches long because it will take a couple of hours to smoke. If your time is limited, a shorter cigar with a five inch diameter will burn faster, and is perfect for an after dinner smoke. Cigar sizes encompass length and diameter, also called the ‘ring’. A ring is a unit of measurement that is 1/60th of an inch. So if you have a cigar that is 5.5 x 42, the cigar has a length measurement of 5.5 inches and a diameter of 42/60th of an inch.

The Ratings of Cigars
When you are learning about cigars you will notice that they receive ratings. Those ratings range from 0 to 100, with 100 being a classic level of premium cigars. Cigar Aficionado is a magazine that came up with the rating system. The rating system can help you pick out the perfect cigar, and assist you in finding cigars that taste absolutely smooth and flavorful.

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