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What Truly Defines a “Mild” Cigar?

Mild Cigar

Many of us have very specific preferences when it comes to the cigars that we prefer, as we’ve spent years trying out all that’s available in order to know what best suits our palate.  However, despite the fact that we have put so much effort into coming up with our unique taste in cigars, we tend to struggle to describe what certain descriptive cigar terms mean.


Today, we’ll be talking about mild cigars.  Even though most of us have tried mild cigars many times, and some of us prefer them to other options, not all of us can tell you what makes a cigar mild compared to the other options that are available.


The Body

First up, we have the body, which is the biggest determining factor between mild cigars, full cigars and everything in-between.  The body is often confused with the strength, but these are actually two different terms.  The body refers to the fullness of the flavor.  When you inhale the smoke, how strong is the flavor?  Do you feel like your entire palate is being stimulated?  Do you feel like the flavor hits you right away, or does it take a while to introduce itself to the taste buds?  A mild cigar has the mildest body of all.


The Strength

The strength refers to the strength of the hit, flavor aside.  The milder the cigar, the less of a kick it will have, the smoother it will be on the draw, and the less the nicotine will feel like it’s hitting you in the back of the throat.  Mild cigars utilize milder tobaccos that have lower nicotine contents, which is why they don’t feel as strong when you pull on them.  Now, you can see how the body and the strength are, in fact, two different factors when it comes to cigars.


The Flavor Profile

Lastly, we have the flavor profile.  A mild cigar will have a lighter flavor profile compared to a full cigar.  While full cigars tend to be spicy, woodsy and full of rich flavor notes like coffee, caramel and chocolate, mild cigars tend to have much more, well, mind, flavor profiles.  When we think of mild cigars, we tend to think of notes of nuts, fruits, and other refreshing tastes that don’t overwhelm our palate.


Of course, the flavor profile of a mild cigar will vary tremendously from one product to the next, as each type of tobacco has its own inherent taste.  Therefore, don’t assume that all mild cigars will share the same flavor profile, as this is most definitely not the case.  It’s more about the lightness of each flavor note rather than the specific notes that it possesses.


Grab a Mild Stogie Today!

Now, you can understand what makes a cigar mild, as this term refers to the body, the strength and the flavor profile, all at the same time.  Now that you grasp the true meaning of the term, you can determine which cigars are mild just by smoking them, rather than having to rely on a product description provided by a manufacturer.

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