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Why Do So Many Cigar Boxes Look Fancier Than They Did Back in the Day?

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Cigars are a luxury product, and as such, it is of utmost importance that the packaging looks good. Many different cigar boxes on the market look more attractive and boast more features than their predecessors. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of premium cigars and the increase in cigar manufacturers. Many different producers are trying to stand out from the competition and to lure new customers towards their brand.

How Have Cigar Boxes Become Some Aesthetically Pleasing

A few years ago, it was only possible for a cardboard box to be aesthetically appealing. There is a proliferation of attractive cigar boxes because these boxes not only hold the tobacco for the cigars but also signify quality, craftsmanship, and class. This has allowed brands to invest in their product packaging to increase their brand awareness and make them stand out from the rest.

With all that being said, below are just some of the main reasons why many cigar boxes look fancier than before.

Reason #1: They Are Made of Premium Woods

One of the primary reasons cigar boxes have been afforded more prestige than before is that they are made out of wood now. Gone are the days when cigar boxes were made out of cardboard; today, cigar boxes are made from excellent wood such as mahogany, purple heart, or rosewood. The higher quality that these woods exhibit results in a better-looking product for collectors and artists alike.

Reason #2: Their Interiors Are Very Attractive

Besides having nice-looking exterior sides, many modern vendor cigar boxes also have very nice interiors. For example, many cigar boxes are made with a foil-lined interior to maintain the cigars in a nice, even format. Other vendors use ornate designs on their cigar boxes to add aesthetic appeal and help cover the product's shape. Also, some vendors use fancy die-cuts and other decorative pieces inside their products to make them more attractive.

Reason #3: Different Sizes

One of the best things you can buy from a vendor is a well-made premium cigar box with a different size than you usually see. These sizes attract artists because they make their paintings stand out even more. There is a style and design to each of these unique sizes, which means you can make your paintings look creatively unique. The most common sizes are the Munton or Z-style boxes, but there are also smaller ones, such as G-sized boxes, and larger ones, like J-shaped boxes.

Reason #4: Many Unique Styles

Another thing that makes cigar boxes unique is their different styles and designs. You can choose between various designs, such as the traditional square or circle box, and some are already pre-cut by the vendor to make it easier for you to put their cigars inside. Other styles include book-style boxes, which have no volume at all, nice square or oval boxes with a flat top to enable artist paint brushes to rest on top of them, and a variety of other popular styles.

Reason #5: A Wide Range of Fascinating Colors

The most common colors for cigar boxes these days are vibrant blues, greens, and reds - this is something you can choose when buying a premium product from any vendor. But what's more exciting is that there are several other crazy color options as well. For example, if you buy one of the new cigar boxes made by Romeo, they come in a wide variety of colors like blue, green, pink, and yellow. Some vendors even go as far as personalizing the containers to give them a look that suits your style.

Reason #6: Have Beautiful Logo Printed on the Sides

Today, an influx of vendors are printing nice, decorative logos on the sides of their premium cigar boxes. This nice touch makes the product's overall design stand out and be noticed. Even though it's not necessary, it is common to find that the logo is printed with gold ink on the side of these premium cigar boxes. They will also have their company name somewhere on them, giving you more reason to remember who the vendor was.

Reason #7: Construed from Several Pieces

The best cigar boxes you can buy today are made from several pieces of wood. This makes the product stand out because it shows that the vendor has gone to great lengths to produce an exceptional product for their customers. It's easier for vendors to make one-piece cigar boxes than to make multiple-pieced ones because it takes more time and effort to make them. The extra effort is worth it when you see how nice these premium products look.

Reason #8: Have Nice Handles

Alongside the nice wood and other more sophisticated features of these premium cigar boxes, you will find a nice handle on many of them. Unfortunately, this is something you can only do for yourself; it's what the vendor adds to their product to make it look unique. The handles are usually made of flashy metals like brass or silver - when you look at them, you will see how stunning they make the product.

Cigar Boxes Continue to Standout in a Variety of Ways

As you have seen, today's cigar boxes are much different from the old ones. They are more beautiful, sophisticated, and technologically advanced than ever before. But the most important reason these boxes have become so special is that the craftsmanship and quality currently practiced by the vendors who sell these products allow them to stand out from their competitors. These cigar boxes also match the cigars they contain, making the product look more attractive.

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