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Why is Some Hemp Smoke Being Produced Either Dense or Thin?

Most of us dream of blowing huge plumes of thick, white smoke each time we take a puff of hemp flower through a pipe or pre-roll.  Then, there are some of us who want thinner smoke because it’s less conspicuous.  Whichever you prefer, it’s important to know the factors that impact the thickness level of your smoke so that you can make the necessary adjustments to enjoy denser or thinner puffs according to your needs.

What Determines the Thickness of Hemp Smoke?

Many people think that the thickness of hemp smoke depends on the flower itself, but this actually isn’t the case.  Certain strains do not yield thicker, denser smoke than others.  But, there are other factors, largely within your control, that do influence the thickness level of your exhales.

#1: How You Inhale

The harder you pull with each puff, the more smoke will be produced, and this makes perfect sense.  Inhaling harder brings more smoke into your body, which mean that more smoke will be exhaled.  Higher smoke volume means thicker, denser and whiter smoke.

#2: Your Smoking Method

Anytime you smoke flower rolled in papers, you’ll get more smoke, and the thicker the wrap, the thicker the smoke, which is one reason why so many people prefer tobacco or hemp leaves over standard rolling papers.  The reason why actually has nothing to do with the flower itself.  A lot of the smoke that’s being produced is coming from the wrap along with the flower, so it makes sense that a thicker wrap would result in thicker smoke.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get thick smoke with a pipe.  There are enough factors besides this one that play a role in smoke thickness that you don’t have to worry about being stuck with thin smoke because you don’t prefer rolling.

#3: The Grind

In most cases, users have noticed that the grind makes a difference.  It seems that the smaller the grind is, the thicker the smoke.  This makes sense, as smaller grinds are more densely packed, leaving less room for air.  Air dilutes the smoke, so the less air there is, the denser the smoke will be.  Today, you can find advanced grinders that grind up your buds very effectively.

#4: Moisture Level

The moisture level of the flower also makes a difference in many cases.  The moister or stickier the buds, the more smoke you’ll get, as the moisture adds to the density of the smoke itself.  This is why those buds that have been sitting in your drawer for months tend to burn really quickly, feel harsh against the throat and leave you with less-than-desirable smoke output.  Of course, stickier buds are more potent as they have more resinous trichomes that add to the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, so going with fresh, sticky buds is about a lot more than just enjoying really fluffy smoke each time you take a puff.

How to Get Thicker Smoke

Now, let’s put all of this information together.  If you desire the thickest smoke possible, these are the things you can do.

  • Smoke your flower in a hemp wrap instead of rolling papers or a pipe
  • Go with the freshest, stickiest buds possible
  • Grind them finely
  • Take nice, big puffs

How to Get Thinner Smoke

If you’re actually trying to minimize the thickness of the smoke, possibly to be more discreet, here are the tips to follow to help you out.

  • Smoke in a pipe rather than in a wrap or papers
  • Go with a coarser grind so that there’s more air in each puff
  • Go with smaller inhales to take less smoke into the body

Thick or Thin Smoke: It Really Depends

Ultimately, both thick and thin smoke can be desirable depending on what your priorities are.  The good news is that no matter what it is that you wish for, you can achieve it by modifying your current routine with very little effort.

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