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Your Cigar: Is It Mild or Is It Strong?

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Smoking a cigar is a great way to enjoy even the most mundane chores in life such as mowing the lawn, painting the house or grilling a steak. Maybe you prefer to enjoy a cigar with your morning coffee or maybe right before bed, while reading a book or together with a friend. There are many instances where it can be just what you need. But what’s the difference between a mild and strong one? How can you tell the difference?

The taste of a cigar is determined by the soil in which it was grown. Jamaican soil produces a mild flavor, Honduras soil produces a medium to strong flavors, while Nicaraguan soil produces strong and rich flavors.

Many of them are a blend of different leaves which add different flavors and tastes to each cigar. However, flavor and body aren’t the same. It’s the difference between strength and taste. There are many combinations between flavor and body; some examples would be a cigar that’s both mild and full- flavored, while others may be strong and light- flavored.

A cigar that has the same leaf blend may be classified differently based on the length of it. A larger cigar tends to be slightly milder than one that’s smaller. Another thing to look at is the weight. A mild cigar tends to be lighter while a strong one is heavier.

Choosing a cigar comes down to a matter of taste. People who like strong coffee or may have previously been a cigarette smoker may find mild cigars bland. If this is the case, a medium or strong one may be more enjoyable for you. The best way to determine what you like is to try them.

Remember, the difference between a mild and strong cigar comes down to these three characteristics: the soil in which the leaves were grown – Jamaican soil produces a mild cigar, while Nicaraguan soil produces a strong one; the length of the cigar- a longer one tends to be more mild than a shorter one; the weight – a lighter one is more mild than a heavier one.

Choosing a cigar based on whether it’s mild or strong is left entirely up to the smoker. There’s no wrong choice when it comes to cigars, it all comes down to what fits your personal preference.

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