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Fratello Navetta Cigar Review

Fratello Navetta Cigar Fratello Navetta Cigar Review

Fratello Navetta Cigars

Grade: 94

Fratello again goes to Italy for this cigar’s name.  Navetta is the Italian word for “shuttle”.  Having “nav” in the name is further appropriate since the majority of NASA Space Shuttle commanders were Navy (sorry Air Force), and the US Naval Academy has produced more astronauts than any other university.  But that’s just the noise behind this review.  The newest of the Fratello line maintains the tradition of quality, very smokable cigars.  Like all Fratello’s that I’ve smoked, the Navetta Toro is a gorgeous cigar with consistent, solid construction that smokes very cleanly and evenly.  You will not need to “trim up” this cigar due to an uneven burn.  More importantly, the Navetta Toro maintains its superb flavor throughout the entire length of the cigar.  It’s a little more expensive than other Fratello lines, but this cigar will not only send you to the moon, it’ll make you think the trip was way too short.

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