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Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz

Retail: $15.99
You Save: $4.00

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Product Information
If you like a medium to strong pipe tobacco, Cherokee is the right one for you! This pipe tobacco is a mixture of Green River and Black Cavendish tobaccos, giving it a great taste with a strong kick. Available in Original, Mellow and Menthol flavors.
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Delivery time


I think you need to change to time it takes to ship. I have ordered Tobacco from other places and it gets to me fast. I still have yet to receive the tobacco from the order. I can not give a review because I have NOT gotten the produce yet!!!!!

by on

Shirley Smith


My husband has smoked Cherokee Pipe Tobacco in the past and this was a much better deal and we're real happy with the service we get at BnB.

by SHIRLEY on 9/15/2014

No Complaint


The Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco is perfect for the Roll Your Own crowd. I haven't tried many other brands yet since this tobacco suits my needs so well.

by John L. on 9/19/2014

Solid Flavor


Solid flavor at a low price. I will buy again.

by Jonathan on 10/22/2014

it is a good product.


it is a good product. no problems with shipping, but would like to get a discount on shipping every now and then without having to buy $99.00

by nancy on 11/5/2014

great product


I have been a smoker for 40 years. I started buying CHEROKEE original pipe tobacco about 4 years ago,I enjoy producing my own cigarettes,I stumbled across CHEROKEE original pipe tobacco on accident (cant remember the other brand I was looking for). needless to say I have stayed with CHEROKEE,it has a good smooth full flavor, many people think I am smoking Marlboro,they never notice I gave them a ryo smoke! Jim H Limon Co

by james on 11/7/2014



cherokee is good pipe tobacco. BNB is the best mail order to deal with. there prices are reasonable. my orders are always confirmed & shipping is great, also you deal with real people on ordering, questions or any concerns. been dealing with this company for years, and will continue to do so. its obvious that customer service is important to BNB!

by nancy on 11/21/2014



I love the flavor of the Cherokee Original pipe tobacco.

by ARLENE on 11/28/2014

A nice smooth tobacco


East to roll with, no sticks or stems. Burns nice and evenly. An excellent choice for roll your own people like me.

by william on 12/3/2014

the tobacco is just fine


the tobacco is just fine thank you. I do believe that B&B tobacco should not be sending me email or text at 1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time though.....

by gene on 12/4/2014

the Cherokee is a great


the Cherokee is a great RYO tobacco with a strong, bold flavor.

by Susan on 12/24/2014

Excellent products at good prices


Excellent products at good prices and prompt service

by Louis on 12/28/2014



order correct & on time

by anthony on 1/4/2015

great Service


great Service

by Alfredo on 1/9/2015



This was a sample purchase for me. My wife and I both like it better than the brand we have been buying, and to top it off, it is much less expensive in a 5lb bag.

by Steven on 1/12/2015

bnb is awesome


great service, great shipping, good prices, good quality. overall out of five stars possible, bnb should get a bonus star for excellence. i've been a customer for years and have nothing to say but good about bnb. sooooo bnb 6 stars to you!!!!

by nancy on 1/17/2015

Cherokee pipe tobacco


Really liked it. Appeared to be a little milder and dryer than the Tabacco we usually order.

by Juanita on 1/22/2015

another review


These guys at BnB are always asking me for a review, feedback etc. and I always say the same they are great to work with they really are, they got great prices and shipping is really fast usually I get my order within a week I appreciate their customer service and their products you really cannot go wrong try m out

by RICHARD on 2/2/2015

Cherokee original blend 1lb


I have been ordering these for over 3 years and the last 10 bags I've ordered have had more hard stems in the bag that I cannot roll

by Elizabeth on 3/5/2015

A review of Cherokee Pipe Tobacco


I had recently purchased and smoked Cherokee Pipe Tobacco and found the product to be of excellent quality. Mellow in taste, finely cut, a classic American tobacco, I will use the product again...

by william on 11/13/2015

Cherokee original pipe tobacco


B&B is a good Tobacco Company to order your tobacco from and Cheyenne is a good tobacco I think B&B is fast on delivery and always tries to satisfy their customers i have been order for them for a while now

by judy on 5/27/2016

good taste and price


i like this tobacco and theres a lot of it, it will last a long time

by Lucas on 5/27/2016

Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 16 oz.


#Great #value for the #price! Prompt #delivery. #No complaints whatsoever. #Pleasure doing #business with #BnB #Tobacco. Keep up the #great #job! :)

by Mack on 5/27/2016

Cherokee tobacco


I try some other now and again but this is what I usually by

by Christina on 6/6/2016

Cherokee. pipe tobacco


It was smooth full flavored without harshness

by Robbie on 6/11/2016

Awesome customer service


I was having issues on my iPad making my order. I called the toll free number and the lady who answered quickly used my info on the website to complete my order.

by michal on 6/20/2016

Good stuff


Have been using this brand for several years and very satisfied.

by Thomas on 7/6/2016

un happy


I just tried to order tobacco again but visa card wouldn't go through because your site said the AVS didn't match the billing address. Well the visa debit works everywhere else i go so i just give up on you people and will find a different company to buy from.

by hilda on 9/4/2016

Good value


Nice tasting and a good price. I have been smoking this tobacco for a long time.

by Shirley on 9/16/2016



I have getting my tobacco from B & B for about 3 years now, not that I haven't checked around for better deals for I have but no one can beat your prices and the service, the best. Thank- You for your A+ service

by Jack on 9/17/2016

excellent tobacco for those who


excellent tobacco for those who prefer a slightly stronger smoke.And many thanks to BnB for the very rapid processing and delivery time.This company is the only one I will purchase from and with the best pricing and best customer care.Thank you BnB.Mr.Jon, Florida

by jonathan on 9/20/2016

Cherokee pipe tobacco


Happy with this product and it's reasonable in cost.

by Loretta on 10/16/2016

Thank you!


Received my order very quickly! Thank you!

by Johnathan on 10/16/2016

cherokee pipe tobacco


I am used to Southern Steele Pike tobacco and I find that Cherokee Tobacco is a milder tobacco, which is too mild for me personally. So I will be going back to Southern Steele, but for someone looking for a lighter taste, I would recommend Cherokee to them.

by Joyce on 10/16/2016

Not the best


Prefer jps

by Nathan on 1/25/2017

My 1st Pick, All around flavor and Choice


Can't beat the DEAL

by Mike on 2/4/2017

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco


This tobacco is a good blend, but for my tastes it's too strong. This tobacco would be well suited for a heavy smoker, it would probably cut down their smoking. Thank you....

by Kimberly on 8/9/2017



Not a lot of stems and tools good down to bottom of bag

by LINDA on 10/5/2017



A good Tobacco.

by Walter on 7/28/2014

cherokee pipe tobacco


better than anything else in it's price range.Very consistent

by gene on 7/17/2014

This company rules


Excellent customer service

by Lee on 5/26/2014

excellet price and smoke.


I'll keep buytimg.

by rogelio on 5/4/2014

Always the best


Fast shipping, reasonable prices what else can you ask for the way things are today.

by John on 4/14/2014

Really good product!


Really good product!

by IBOLYA on 3/28/2014



Due to the high cost of cigarette tobacco (federal taxes), pipe tobacco is the way to go. Since using BnB "pipe tobacco", I have never had a "jam" in my machine and I've saved much money. All my cigarette making products on one site and great prices for top quality products.

by Andre on 3/9/2014



like cherokee a lot it dosent have the harshness that other full flavors have and its not necessary to cut it up before using in a ryo machine. a combination of the full flavor and light is perfect for me

by Keith on 3/24/2014

no flavor


no flavor dry turns to powder

by anthony on 6/4/2014

Great every day smoke


Great everyday smoke replaces a pack a day habit no problem. I have come to find that I enjoy the taste of this more than any major manufacturers tobacco.

by Pandor on 1/22/2014

B&B Rocks


good to roll cigs with and great price

by Puma on 11/22/2013

My purchase of the Cherokee Tobacco.


The service from this company was great. I also like the product. They have Great Prices.

by Joe Padilla SR on 10/22/2013

fine it real good



by ron on 10/22/2013

good product


i smoke it it tastes like tobacco.... if not so great i would not buy it

by Jose` on 9/19/2013

Best Place to get your Tobacco


I am a smoker and I roll my own. I have checked out severa; sights. I have even checked with the local smoke shops. And Nobody compares The Prices are not beatable.

by Barb The Northe on 4/5/2013

Good Buy Good Product


Great service

by Wayne on 4/2/2013

This is a very good product.


Great for rolling cigarettes.

by panhandlelil on 4/2/2013




by CHOCOLATE on 10/21/2012

i love the product


the cherekke pipe tobacco makes a good rolled cigarette

by mel on 9/1/2012

Don't be fooled by the name


the Product is always fresh and has very little trash or fillers in the tobacco!

by Jim on 8/25/2012

Top Rate Service And Product


one of the best finds in a long time

by bigdaddyt on 8/20/2012

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco


Placed order on 14 August here it is 21 August and I still dont have my order. BnB is usually ok but this time Im really disappointed with the timing of shipping the shipping prices went up and some of the tobacco prices went up as well.||Sad...I may give it one more try...

by Konalina56 on 8/20/2012

good value


a good ryo product.

by sam spade on 4/17/2012

I like it


This is a good full flavored tobacco - I use it to roll cigs - I think on the whole it quality but does have some twigs here and there and a little too dry towards the end of the bag for good rolling.

by alisa on 7/3/2013

good quality full flavor but not strong


would rate as full quality smoke not a strong one as listed.Is a most enjoyable and satisfying tobacco that I believe will be even enjoyed by those such as myself who like strong tobacco.Easy to use for r.y.o.I use a manual injector and this tobacco was great to inject with no difficulties.Over all as I prefer strong tobacco first then full bodied next in favorite I would reccomend to all who en

by Fred on 4/2/2013

Product would be great once we get it!


When I do have the product Im a happy person!|They are extremely fresh and on it when the order is prosessed in a timely manner.

by Konalina on 9/3/2012

A real nice injectable tobacco


great company fast all round service

by Big Tony on 8/20/2012

There okay.


Would order from again unless I find a shipper with cheaper shipping fees.

by Mary on 7/17/2013

Great taste but...


I would pay a LOT more if Cherokee would come out with a premium blend that keeps the original mix of real tobaccos and gets rid of the sticks stems fillers and possibly re-constituted tobacco. It has the taste of Marlboro Red or better! But that's only after spending a HUGE amount of time cleaning the tobacco of all the unnecessary junk.

by yooper7 on 4/2/2013

taste ok


Tastes fair way to many stems like 1/4 of each bag is hard stems find hair in it all the time bags wont seal after 2 days because the zipper came unglued. Dont get not worth half what your charged

by happy witch on 9/20/2013

I will continue to buy this product


Alway Very Promp Service.

by panhandlelil on 2/5/2014

Great pipe tobacco


I use this product to fill cigerette tubes and have been doing it for years. It cost me 2/3 rds less money then buying cartons of cigerettes.

by garygunshot on 5/23/2013

best tobbacco i've bought in the last ye


the delivery is just about right

by okiedue on 8/20/2012

i would buy this tobacco again


i receive my order in 3 days

by candyman63j on 4/29/2012

excellent product


great flavor great price always fresh and very consistent in quality

by gene on 8/23/2014



reasonably priced and quality

by Narce on 8/29/2014

tobbacco delivery


very quick delivery, the only problem i have is some of the tubes get crushed but all in all the convenience is great.

by mary on 9/6/2014

BnB customer service #1


I roll my own stogees and get out for half the price of my local tobacco store. Cherokee is my brand of choice and I'll vouch for the original and mellow to replace a Marl red or light.

by Wendell on 9/12/2014

Produced by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, these little cigars and pipe tobacco blends have grown to be legendary outside of just Cherokee circles. Each hit from one of these premium tobacco products gives individuals a firsthand chance to truly smoke, taste, and experience the legend of Cherokee Brand Little Cigars.

No matter the product you can be ensured that each one is made from the highest quality blend of flue-cured and burly tobaccos. With little cigar flavors running the gambit from full flavor, cherry, menthol, and mellow there is sure to be something for everyone. If little cigars are not your taste, Cherokee also offers full flavor, menthol, original, Turkish bold, and mellow pipe smoking blends. Prices range from just $5.99- $49.99, allowing a range of options for any budget. Do not deprive yourself of the awesome experience that the Cherokee nation has to offer when it comes to tobacco!

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