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Cheyenne Cigars Menthol Carton (200ct)

Cheyenne Menthol 200ct

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $5.00
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Buy any Carton of Cheyenne Little Cigars and get a Free BnB Clipper Lighter. (View Clipper BnB Tobacco Lighter)

Special Offers

Buy any Carton of Cheyenne Little Cigars and get a Free BnB Clipper Lighter.
Product Information
Cheyenne Filtered Cigars are domestically made in North Carolina using 100% domestic tobacco, they are available in a wide variety of flavors.
Brand: Type: Little Cigars Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Strength: Mild Flavor: Menthol
Shape: Little Cigars Packaging: Carton Ring Gauge: 20
Length: 3 7/8
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closest to my favorite cigs


I've been ordering Cheyenne menthol little cigars for years. Tried a few other brands, but these are the closest I've found to a regular cig. The only negative would be that they need to be relit if you wait too long between drags. That's probably a good thing, tho, since it reflects less added chemicals. love this site.

by on

cheyenne are good but i like remingtons



by scott on 7/28/2014

Always good response time and


Always good response time and accurate order fill.

by John on 7/13/2014

Little cigar


Great and good flavor

by Cheryl L. on 7/6/2014



Package arrived promptly.

by Carol on 4/10/2014

Great Service & Great Pricing!!!


The Best Place to Purchase Tobacco Products......Best Service & Great Pricing!!!! Great Job Here :) Thank You - Will Be Back Here For All Future Purchases!!!

by EDMUND on 8/13/2014



These are great!

by Kelly on 9/7/2014

A Nice Smoke from Cheyenne brought to you by a GREAT company


The title says it all. The only 'wish' that I have...? Would like to sample the other flavors of Cheyenne brand without having to buy a whole carton. BTW, folks... BnB tobacco is such an attentive company with REALLY good customer service... they'll probably sort something out! lol.

by Shawn on 11/9/2014

Again... Well done.


Good company. Good products.

by Shawn on 11/20/2014



Great Product and Great Vendor

by John on 12/18/2014

A nice smoke without a harsh menthol accent


These are great smokes for those times a menthol would hit the spot. The taste is very subtle and rather smooth. Not a high end smoke but at the price it is available, it is a great value. I like to keep a couple of cartons in the pantry to supplement my other cigar stash. These are great when you only have a brief window to relax and have a smoke.

by Thomas on 1/22/2015

delivery time


only a couple of days and they were on my door. And with free samples of other products. Good job BNB.

by Joy on 2/28/2015

cheyenne cigars


Package arrived quickly, and right to my front porch!!

by Carol on 11/9/2015

I switched to cheyanne vs


I switched to cheyanne vs smokers choice they made me cough contstantly

by Debbie on 9/2/2016



Was a bit disappointed that these keep going out and have to be re-lit all the time. It seems that they have made changes and I really don't like it.

by L on 9/14/2016

Cheyenne menthol


Everything's good

by THANG on 10/27/2016

Cheyenne brand tobacco is proud to offer a full line of premium tobacco products, each one is manufactured at their facility in North Carolina from only top quality tobacco that is harvested at top quality sources. They boast a huge selection of cigars, little cigars, and pipe tobaccos. Everything from classic, menthol, extreme menthol, full flavor, grape, peach, vanilla and countless others, it can be so hard to try just one!

Cheyenne little cigars and pipe tobacco are one of our top rated products. With 200 count cartons for $14.99 and 16 oz. of premium pipe tobacco for only $10.99 it is easy to see why this product is one of our customer favorites that keep them always coming back. We also now offer Cheyenne Cush Tip Full Flavor or wine, only $4.99 for a five count box, a deal which is truly hard to pass up.

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