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Machine Made Cigars & Cigarillos | Premium Cigar Brands

Machine Made Cigars & Cigarillos | Top Premium Brands

BnB Tobacco carries one of the most diverse and largest selections of high quality, domestic cigarillos and machine-made cigars on the web! We carry numerous premium brand name cigars that include but are not limited to Swisher Sweets, Phillies, Black & Mild, Dutch Masters, Game, Garcia y Vega, Backwoods and other quality brands. If you want quality cigars right at your fingertips for some of the best prices on the web, then we are your go to source. If you are a cigar enthusiast that wants to sit back and enjoy your favorite tobacco products, you will not find a wider selection of machine-made cigars than the selection we have at BnB Tobacco. Be sure to check out our huge selection of accessories and other tobacco products to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your favorite machine-made cigars!

Top Reviewed Machine Made Cigar Brands

Top Reviewed Machine Made Cigars

BnB Service

Based on 32 reviews

Prompt service appreciated

View Phillies Little Cigars Natural 100s details...

Amazingly Smooth

Based on 14 reviews

These are the best little cigars. They burn very slowly and offer an amazing flavor with a hint of cherry. I highly recommend these cigars to anyone. J-Los Angeles, California

View Swisher BLK Cherry TIP Cigarillos details...

Swisher Sweet Cigarillos

Based on 19 reviews

Excellent Product! Good Taste, most smoke okay, and BNB has a Fair Price! Thanks, Jim

View Swisher Sweets Cigarillos Nat Box details...

swisher sweets tip cigarillos

Based on 16 reviews

Great cigar. Prompt, professional service.

View Swisher Sweets Tip Natural 10x5 details...

Good Value

Based on 11 reviews

Very fast service even across the country and I really like the Outlaws.

View SS Outlaws Rum 3x10 Pack details...