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Avo Cigars

Avo cigars are an experience unlike any other. Each and every time you smoke an Avo cigar, be it a classic, small cigar, or XO line, you will enjoy every second. Avo offers smooth, flavorful, and high-quality smoking.

Each Avo cigar is made from handpicked Dominican tobacco. Just one small puff will send you on a tropical vacation to the warm breezes, long grasses, and aromatic fields of the Dominican Republic. You can trust that an Avo cigar is made with reverence and care to ensure that you have the smoking experience you deserve.

Even the Avo box design is classic, and yet, completely original just like the cigars. The smooth, even, full flavor of an Avo cigar is unparalleled. The rich, elegant, original scent of an Avo cigar will linger on in your home, continuously bringing you back to that beautiful place.

Avo cigars are an excellent rendition of classic cigars.

Based on 6 reviews
Available Series: Classic | Domaine | Small Cigars | XO |

Avo #2

Based on 3 reviews

Very good thanks

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Courteous service

Based on 1 review

when my order was back ordered, I was quickly informed and offered other size options. There was no pressure to change and I was assured once order filled, I would receive it. My original order was received a short time later without any problem. Great service.

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Don Scott

Based on 1 review

I had a groupon email that had a paid discount. I have received both boxes of cigars. I have only started on the AVO box, but they are pretty good. You never know what kind of quality you are going to get online. My cigars are in great shape. sometimes you get a bargain deal online only to get dried out hard lawn darts. I usually get my cigars from famous smoke shop, but the cigars I got from BnB were of the same high level of quality.

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Got the cigars right away!

Based on 1 review

Got the cigars right away! Love that shipping.....Avo Cigars are very mild too. My fav

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