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Gran Habano Cigars

Hailing from the exotic country of Honduras, BnB Tobacco’s Gran Habano cigars are equally as striking as their origin. With their unique blends of pepper and spices, you will taste boldness and strength with every puff.

This superb brand was created by the father and son team of Guillermo and George Rico, who have shown excellent craftsmanship in the production of these fine cigars! Their Gran Habano cigars use fillers from various countries, such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Mexico, adding a unique flavor and aroma to the Gran Habano cigars. Crafted in a traditional approach, they maintain their authenticity, making them a best-seller in the cigar world!

Recommended by experienced smokers and experts alike, these cigars are affordably priced, making them an excellent option for a cigar rookie. Whether you are a veteran smoker, or you are adding cigars to your smoking repertoire, these slightly sweet, yet spicy cigars will keep you wanting more!

Based on 5 reviews
Available Series: No. 3 Habano | No. 5 Corojo | Split Packs |

One of the few Medium cigars I like

Based on 3 reviews

These have a very good taste and aroma and are one of the few Medium cigars I like, I generally prefer more full bodied cigars like Diesel or Cain Maduro, but these make a great change of pace.

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Good Service .... Great Cigars

Based on 1 review

The Gran Habano - 2010 Grand Reserva #5 Grandiosa was a great buy. Boys, I smoke great full body cigars all day everyday. This new 7-70 from Gran Habano is the best I have ever smoked! Their Czar seiries in Maduro or Habano 6-66 was my daily regular smoke for years but this new blend is mind bending good.

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Not a bad smoke!

Based on 1 review

Great price for a great stogie, turned a friend on to these and he loves them!

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