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Herrera Esteli Cigars, Cigars

A beautiful Nicaraguan cigar that is part of the ever famous Drew Estate family, these cigars are rolled in the stunning Esteli fields by El Titan de Bronze alum, Willy Herrera. Each cigar has a slow burn and delicious flavors.

Based on 2 reviews
Available Series: Herrera Esteli | Norteno | Split Packs |

Good price, good cigars.

Based on 1 review

Good price, good cigars.

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Glad I took a chance

Based on 1 review

Of all of the cigar 5 packs I ordered these are the best. A very pleasant smoke, not harsh, not too strong and no bad after taste. The smoke was smooth had an excellent flavor and the ash was tight until I bumped it off in the ash tray. I have come to notice the quality cigars are put together tight and the ash is solid. I will be buying these more often.

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