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Joya De Nicaragua Cigars

BNB Tobacco is proud to provide Joya De Nicaragua cigars to cigar aficionados who love a bold, strong smoke. Joya De Nicaragua is renowned as the first cigar brand produced in the country of Nicaragua, a nation that is now famous for its cigar manufacturing. These cigars are among the strongest available on the market, with an incredibly robust flavor profile.

Because they are so loaded with the flavor of quality Nicaraguan tobacco, familiarity with Joya De Nicaragua cigars is an absolute must for every adventurous smoker. It’s a great idea to keep a box on hand in your humidor for those special occasions that call for something exotic and powerful. They also make a wonderful gift for any cigar lover who you want to surprise with something unique.

Based on 4 reviews
Available Series: Antano | Red | Split Packs |

Great cigar

Based on 3 reviews

Perfect construction, burn and draw. Very much enjoyed the flavors of this cigar. Glad I bought a box! Highly recommend.

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High Quality Cigar

Based on 1 review

This is an excellent cigar. I bought 5 boxes of these for $100 in Nicaragua. The markup is a lot in the U.S., but my favorite 'gar.

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