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Nub Cigars by Oliva

Nub cigars are a masterpiece of cigar craftsmanship. This brand’s creator, Sam Leccia, had worked countless hours of his life in a cigar factory and tested every kind of cigar under the sun. His experience led him to understanding that the majority of blends require the cigar to burn for a little bit before the true aroma and flavor of the tobacco were to come into play.

This understanding led Sam Leccia to develop the innovative Nub cigar, which has the sole purpose of capturing and delivering the very essence of the cigar throughout the entire smoking session. The clever design of this cigar will allow the smoker to experience an amazing symphony of flavor. With the finest Nicaraguan tobacco and a fine, pleasing aroma, you won’t be disappointed with the Nub cigar. It will become a favorite of which you’ll be sure to have a box in your lounge at all times.

Based on 24 reviews

Good smoke

Based on 4 reviews

Nice balance of aroma / taste without the kick of some other Nubs. Nice thing about stubby Nubs is that they smoke about 45 minutes. End of cigar - end of meeting.

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What a surprise

Based on 3 reviews

I bought these Nub Cameroons last time I ordered and what a happy surprise. They are smooth, smoke easily, and hold their light extremely well. I have since gotten more (which is rare, usually I try new things) and can't wait to light up.

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Based on 3 reviews

Cigars were fine, as was my first order. Went to reorder a second time a week or two later, and tried to get someone to answer your phone but was unsuccessful (4-5 times). Finally got someone to call me through the "chat" line, only to find you were out of the NUB Conn. 460's.

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Based on 2 reviews

I have been a fan of the Nub line since i attended the debut on Newport Ky. The cameroon wrapped has been one of my favorites. always perfect construction and flavor. The ash holds firm almost to the end and the pictures you may have seen of the Nub standing on the ash are for real.They burn surprisingly cool to the very end and never get hot. The wrapper is always vein free and even in color.

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Based on 2 reviews

Great prices and customer service!!

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Fine maduro smoke.

Based on 2 reviews

Don't let the size fool you it will take about the same time to smoke as a robusto does. Being a mauro fan I originally picked this up with hopes of finding a good cigar for smoking when I only have a short time to do so. It didn't help me out there but I found an exceptional smoke. So good in fact that I have gone through a couple of boxes and will be ordering another next month.||These Nub

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Nubs are NICE!

Based on 1 review

Cameroons are nice and I like the Maduro 460 Nubs as well. Great flavor all the way from start to finish.

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Nub Cameroon 466Bpt

Based on 1 review

These cigars are very smooth, and burn very slow. Me and my friends love them!

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Good Experience

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Cigars came promptly and without issue. A good experience.

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I have NOT received my

Based on 1 review

I have NOT received my order yet!!!!

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