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Serie G Oliva Cigars

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According to the Oliva family, before choosing to smoke cigars, a number of factors are to be considered: variety, storage, aging, cutting and lighting. Only then, may you begin to enjoy one. As with other esoteric hobbies and pleasures, smoking cigars has an array of accouterments such as humidors and cutters that you’ll need to keep the cigars fresh and in smoking condition.

By educating yourself on the variety of cigars, you may end up choosing Oliva’s high quality cigars such as Serie V Melanio, Connecticut Reserve, Serie V Melanio Maduro, or Serie G Maduro. The company’s four or five cigar samplers are a great way to determine which of their products you prefer – one with the flavor of South American coffee? Or the one offering bittersweet chocolate to your palate? Maybe the one that hints of cinnamon is for you. An Oliva cigar guarantees the connoisseur will have a full and often complex smoking experience.

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Best price i've seen on

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Best price i've seen on this cigar.

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Excellent product and value

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Packaged just as if I picked up from my local smoke shop. Cigars are in excellent condition, very fresh in touch and smell. Smoke great! One true customer to another: I am very very satisfied.

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great value

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Smooth and flavorful. My favorite every day smoke.

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