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Punch Cigars

BNB Tobacco is proud to provide the cigar-loving public with quality Punch brand cigars. Both complex and approachable, Punch cigars are highly rated Cuban-style cigars that will delight casual smokers and aficionados alike. With an oily wrapper and a solid build, they make for a fine looking cigar. Using only select tobaccos, these are medium-bodied cigars that combine spicy and sweet tones with a subtle earthiness.

These cigars are a great addition to a humidor that is actively used. Their unique, smooth flavor and silky texture make Punch brand cigars perfect for an after-dinner accompaniment to a good drink and stimulating conversation. Keeping a box of Punch cigars on hand for dinner parties and cookouts will make you one of the most popular hosts around.

Based on 22 reviews
Available Series: Café Royales | Classic | Gran Cru | Rare | Signature | Split Packs |

Bunch of flavor in this smoke!

Based on 5 reviews

If you want an excellent flavor cigar in a less than 45 min smoke....then be a Champion and grab a box of these tasty treats. Both the regular and gran puro smoke great from end to end !

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Great everyday stick.

Based on 3 reviews

Earthy. Mossy. 30-40 minute smoke. Great short time smoke. This stick has everything I was looking for in a non Cuban comparative stick!

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This just may be the perfect cigar

Based on 2 reviews

These cigars are consistently well rolled full of flavor and just big enough for 9 holes of golf (assuming you smoke them like I do removing the band to get the last two holes out of them).||They draw perfectly. I've smoked cigars fairly regularly for about 25 years. The last 6 or 7 years have been my Punch years and the past year and a half or so have been the beginning of the Champion years.

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Good smoke!

Based on 2 reviews

Nice flavorfiland an inexpensive smoke.

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Father's Day gift

Based on 2 reviews

great value with a groupon

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Based on 1 review


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like the punch cigarillos.

Based on 1 review

smul & tastie cigars,,,

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Excellent Service

Based on 1 review

Smoked after dinner the Punch Elite always provides a smooth pleasant conclusion to a meal no matter what it was.

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Make sure you check dimensions

Based on 1 review

I failed to pay attention to detail and now I am the proud owner of a baby pack of cigars. Be vigilant fair shopper, or you too will end up with grossly inadequate cigars! - Sarg

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Based on 1 review

Consistent with punch cigars. Smooth smoke.

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