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Clipper Solid Lighter

Clipper Solid Lighter

Retail: $3.99
You Save: $2.00
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Clipper lighter for $.99 with purchase of any Southern Steel bag!
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Need a good lighter at a great price? These Clipper Lighters are outstanding when needing a light for an unforgetable smoke.
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Never received any of my


Never received any of my $60.00 order..its. Been over 2 months since my Credit card was debited..! Still NO SMOKES!

by on

Clipper Lighter


Works fine as a lighter. Haven't figured out how to use the other functions yet!

by Kenneth on 5/10/2014

Clipper Solid Lighter


Good lighter for the price. Last a long time.

by Richard on 4/25/2014

superior product


good solid dependable lighter.lights first timr every time. and has a decent life span.

by steve on 4/16/2014

Decent, inexpensive lighter


I like the fact that I can change out flints as well as refuel it with butane at home. I dislike throwing a perfectly useable item away because of a fuel issue. I use it to light our gas grill and it works fine.

by Darryl on 3/28/2014

Clipper lighter review


Not a bad lighter, but can only be refilled with Lotus Butane gas sold by B & B. I've ordered several of these lighters in the past, and a few have already stopped wotking completely. I feel like I wasted my Butane gas, after filling them, only to find out they no longer work.

by Catherine on 4/30/2014

guess, what I expected


The first one I used worked good for a little while then I had to try to light it 3-6-9 times so it's still in my car as an emergency, the second worked very well for quite a while until the part you flick fell off. on my third and working fine so far. Think I could had done just as good if not better buying the disposable lighters from the store. Sorry, nothing special.

by David on 4/28/2014



I like the fact that it is refillable and you can change the flint, a good savings over the bic lighters I used to buy.

by Ronald on 9/8/2014



I like the fact that lighter is easy to use,refills easy and lasts a long time. there's a sticker on the lighter that says you can use for RYO but I haven't found it,if somebody knows please,tell me.

by Ronald on 8/7/2016

Easy fire!


Review a simple lighter..alright,I can figure out the finer details why a very affordable,dependable easy to use lighter should rate space,time&effort. If I were a merchant and procurer I would want to know how well my cash was sprent.! For me this a good convenience lighter, quality seem better than the 99cents thereabouts, nearly as easy to use as that ubiquitous **c,which I had used,until the lighter glut hit the drugstores, cost per piece went up,da da da..One Big diff.w/ is refillable. Since receipt of my Clipper,I only had filled it twice,and those reading this and wondering what/how:refillable lighters=butane gas canisters( few bucks),ignition type=non-flint-lighter keeps producing sparks,till its kaput. Always fire up-this I admit is the beauty and most practical side of cheaper lighters:I Do Not have to maintain the tool,I Do Not care! I have owned/still own lighters under $40.(for the on sale factor,or forget it..still,it's stupid to even think..oh,what..a lighter which costs 1K, 12K??Alright,if only I can remember where Cooper buried his loot after he landed in the wetlands of Wash.(?)state..Buy the Clipper. What?! This review IS NOT compensated. Uh.uhh,why get free endorsement from a customer like myself,eh? Talk to me, or adios,amigos.

by R on 10/4/2016

clipper solid lighter :) great


great lighter. bought 2 & happy with them

by Norma A. on 2/22/2017

Due to my long time


Due to my long time patronage, I should be given more opportunities for discounts

by Jason on 2/27/2017
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