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Cloud 9 Palma Green Cigars 55ct Box

Cloud 9 Palma Green 55ct Box

Retail: $29.99
You Save: $5.00
Product Information
Cloud9 Palma is a hot-selling line of cigars comparable to Dutch Masters/Game Palma. Cloud9's are the slowest-burning, freshest cigars out on the market. They come in 55 ct boxes and are available in 5 great flavors: Palma Vanilla, Green, Chocolate, Grape and White Grape!
Brand: Type: Machine Made Cigars Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Flavor: Non-Flavored Shape: Palmas
Packaging: Box
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Not bad!


A mild tasting cigar, which I like. Not exactly like Dutchmasters, but it will suffice. The thing I really wanted to know, before I placed my order was, what size was the Cloud 9 Green Palma? No, they are not the same size as Dutchmasters green palma. Cloud 9 green palma is smaller, about the size of a regular blunt.

by on

Better than the Regular choice..


Good cigar great price

by Janine on 3/15/2014

The price is Right


Smooth mellow cigars

by Janine on 2/24/2014

Good cigars great price


Nice cigar slow burn

by Jin on 9/28/2013

Good cigars great prices


good cigars fast shipping

by Janine on 3/30/2015

If you are looking for a supreme machine-rolled cigar with excellent flavor and rich smoke, you can guarantee Cloud 9 Palmas will not let you down. These are every bit as good as Game Palmas, only at a fraction of the cost. These cigars are perfect for the occasional or daily cigar smoker, easy to light on your smoke break, put out, and relight later.

Cloud 9 Palmas are the slowest burning and freshest Palmas you will find anywhere. They are perfect for when you have some down time; just light one up, kick back, and relax with a smooth smoke. These are the slowest burning and freshest machine-rolled cigars you will find on the market.

BnB Tobacco carries a wide variety of Cloud 9 Palmas at unbeatable prices and guaranteed fresh when they reach your door. Change the way you think about machine-rolled cigars. Try one today.

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