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Many people enjoy the satisfying feeling they get from having a cigarette, but they have begun to look for safer alternatives that will allow them to get the same satisfying feel, without the harsh chemicals and effects that regular cigarettes cause. Electronic Hookahs are the perfect alternative if you want the same great taste without the odors, nicotine, chemicals, or tobacco that is present in regular smokes! Here at BnB Tobacco we offer quality e-hookah products that are affordable and safe. E-Hookahs are the new trend if you want to vape until your heart is content with superb flavors that you just can’t get from a regular cigarette. When you use an e-hookah, you will get 500-800 puffs per each unit, which is equivalent to about 2 to 3 packs of regular smokes, depending on which brand you choose to purchase. You will save a ton of money when you use this product, and you will be much healthier as a result. BnB Tobacco takes great pride in the excellent customer service and premium products we are able to provide to our customers. View our huge range of e-hookah flavors to discover why this product is so popular. You won’t be disappointed when you take a satisfying hit off of a premium e-hookah. The jolt of flavor and the pleasurable experience that you will get is unmatched.

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Awesome Great

Based on 13 reviews

As close to the real thing ever and fair price and fast shipping from B&B

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The E Trons are excellent. Cut my

Based on 4 reviews

The service and cost at B&B is excellent

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First time vaping trial

Based on 3 reviews

Not having vaping experience, these were my observations. The experience is not equal to smoking. The first one I tried had a hint of menthol in the vapor which was off-putting. It also had a very short life.I have smoked 28 smokes a day for years. Only one of these lasted longer than one day, certainly not equal to two packs of smokes. Battery recycling is also not addressed. All in all, the idea seems good. This application, not so much.

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Based on 1 review

I like my E-Tron. Works great and will help me to quit smoking.

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