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Kentucky Select Gold Pipe Tobacco 16 oz bag

Kentucky Select Gold Pipe 16oz

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $4.00
Product Information
Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco in 1 pound bags have such a great light flavor at a very affordable price!
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Strength: Mild Flavor: Natural
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great tobacco..smooth and rich.....


We use the GOLD for rolling cigarettes and it is a fantastic match with light tubes to a Marlboro Light....only complaint would be the few stems found...........if it were cut a little finer, it would be even better..........

by on

KS Gold


Love KS Gold! I use it in Ramback tubes.

by Wilson on 8/28/2014



price and quality, are very good.

by jimmy on 11/10/2014

have been using for years...


have been using for years... very smooth and rolls well .... good price..

by TERRI on 11/15/2014

No surprises with thi tobacco or BnB


Have been purchasing this brand of tobacco to roll our own from BnB for a couple of yrs now. Always get what we expect, when we expect it. We buy multiple bags and keep them in the freezer, so that we never run out! Excellent lighter tobacco and company!

by Valerie B. on 12/11/2014




by michael on 12/29/2014

I'm think that Kentucky select


I'm think that Kentucky select is a great smooth tasking tobacco

by David on 1/3/2015




by Cynthia on 4/4/2015



Thank you: fast delivery, excellent product

by herve on 11/2/2015

Ky Select Gold


This is my go to regular brand. I do my best to never run out. BnB is the best place to get it, not just because of their price, I can count on them for super fast shipping and fresh products. I also like Zen tubes, the multi packs of them make them a good buy and they are also a good product that never fail to load well, I use the 100mm Longer tubes. Thanks BnB keep up the good work and I will stay with You.

by George on 5/27/2016

good texture and flavor


good texture and flavor

by joan on 6/13/2016

Highest Recommendations


I have been a customer of BnB for a number of years and I highly recommend this company/website. Their customer service is the best! Products are great. Can't say enough good about the company and the people who work there.

by Paula on 9/19/2016

Great Tobacco


Smooth satisfying smoke with no harshness.

by toby on 10/16/2016

Kentucky select mellow pipe tobacco.


Husband enjoys very much

by marjorie on 12/1/2016

Thank you


Perfect as usual

by herve on 3/15/2017

kentucky select gold


very happy

by michael on 8/17/2017




by Keith on 10/6/2017

Easy and right


I love this place. It's easy and they always have deals.

by Joanna on 8/2/2014

not satisfied


i am very pleased with bnb's service. bu unfortunately i did not like kentucky select at all. about 4-5 years ago there were very good pipe and rolling tobaccos, but now it is imposibble to find good tobacco. i dont know what producers began to use. i hoped kentucky select is pure tobacco but was disappointed. if anybody had the same experience and found pure tobacco i would be grateful for recomendation.

by Bongo on 7/20/2014

Kentucky Gold


The service was excellent! Got the product within days of ordering, saved a bundle by not buying by the ounce. Will definately be buying again. Thank you so much!

by Shelley M. on 6/28/2014

Retired Hairstylist Educator


I'm very happy to give a review of the highest standards to BnB they are quick and dependable, I have shared their website with my friends they are going to become BnB customers too!

by Olivia on 6/19/2014

Works well in the cigarette


Works well in the cigarette machine.

by David on 6/3/2014

happy customer


Always on time, accurate order, best prices I can find ;)

by cherilyn on 5/21/2014

What is quality tobacco?


I have tried many types of tobacco and this is very good

by Joe on 5/15/2014

no chemicals


Taste better than Marlboro Lights to me because it doesn't have that chemical medicine taste. Its also a quarter the price. If your not too lazy to roll your own this is the tobacco you want.

by curtis on 4/30/2014

Kentucky Gold Select Pipe Tobacco


Very pleased with the product!

by Cynthia on 4/13/2014

I use it to roll


I use it to roll cigarettes and I have tried many flavors but Kentucky Select Gold is the best for me: strong and subtle. very good tobacco!

by gabriel on 4/4/2014

Kentucky Select= Great Taste Great Price


I smoked Marlboro 100's for over 20 years and my brother told me to try K.S. and I switched over 2 years ago !!! Kentucky Select not only tastes better but I get almost 3 cartons for the price of one Marlboro!!!

by Michael on 3/19/2014

Good tasting tobacco


I find Kentucky very smooth and with a good taste.

by Joe on 3/9/2014

I will buy this product again and again.


I have ordered this product for 1yr and 3 months and never had any problems!

by CJ on 12/7/2013



Everything is as advertised.

by Larry in Phoeni on 11/5/2013



Quick efficient shipping and delivery

by jifffo on 11/2/2013

Tobacco stores don't compare


Roll your own machines love this tobacco. Had problems with store bought (same brand) Stores don't rotate stock. Drys out too fast

by Tom on 10/31/2013

Good mellow tobacco for rolling your own


PLEASE give more space between the zip-lock and the factory heat seal. On all bags save one by time I cut off the heat seal there is nearly no plastic left if any at all to pry the bag open at the zip lock. Other than that this is a very good mellow tobacco for those that roll their own.

by StNicolas on 10/14/2013



great product will buy again

by ms on 9/19/2013

Good quality for the money.


The product is shipped quicklygood flavor.

by Jo on 8/20/2013

This product is awesome!!


I have used BNB Tobacco for a year know and I plan on keep using them! Great product and service!

by CJ on 7/13/2013

Just like my regular brand


This tobacco is awesome. It is exactly like my regular brand. I use light tubes with it and it's great. I have convinced friends to buy this tobacco and they have. This is now my regular tobacco!

by None on 6/19/2013

Customer for almost 1 yr.


I have been a customer for almost a year and will keep using BnB

by CJ on 5/12/2013

very good product and service


Very good product

by Ely on 5/10/2013

good for ryo


makes a good smooth cigarette

by carneyman on 5/7/2013



I am fully satisfied with the service and prices provided by BnB.

by Larry in Phoeni on 4/26/2013

The Best


This is by far the best tobacco I have found for use with electronic rolling machines. Great flavor rolls consistently not too much shake or stems.

by Jenny on 4/12/2013

Worth every penny


Works very well for ROY machines.

by Mark on 4/3/2013

Very Happy !


Great product matches my old brand of Newport well good prices fast shipping...A+|Thanks to Obama shutting down the "Roll your Own" stores we found your company. I feel sorry for all the employees out of a job at those places as well as the bankrupcies he caused. Keep up the good work YOU built your business not government. I hope they keep their fingers off you. We are saving $2000.00/year T

by Chris on 11/11/2012

Good tobacco at a great price


I use this tobacco to make my own cigarettes to offset the rising cost of buying ones from a store. This is the lowest price for a lb of this brand that I've found anywhere. With using a lb of this tobacco and kings light tubes I'm getting over 400 cigs per bag. It has cut my cost of making cigarettes down to about $10.00 per carton!!! With the restrictions on the ryo stores the cost to mak

by Scottyboy on 10/30/2012

I will keep buy from BnB!!


I roll my own cigartts. The frshness of Kentucky Select has been great!

by CJ on 9/29/2012

Kentucky Select Silver


Until BNB offers a lighter tobacco I'll stick with this brand. I tried "The Good Stuff" brand and it was just "OK". I decided to switched to Kentucky Select and was very pleased with my decision. Much more lighter than the Good Stuff.

by Jace on 9/24/2012

Fnished buying commercial cigarettes


Highly recommended!

by DdoubleJ on 9/11/2012

Great smooth tobacco


Great For ryo

by AYR125 on 9/9/2012

Very happy with this product


This tobacco is very smooth and long buring. It roll great in my rolling machine!

by CJ on 8/29/2012

Comparable to Newport light 100


Fast shipping well packed rolling our own saved us $2000-$3000 per year. Screw you Obama Administration and your belief that one product should be taxed higher than another because you don't like it.

by Chris on 8/23/2012

Kentucky Select pipe tobacco


Excellent tobacco for RYO appplications. My wife uses the mint and I use the gold.they are very smooth and woulde highly recommended them

by rossi812 on 8/20/2012

Great tasting Great for RYO


I have tried 4 aces criss cross good stuff gambler|and several others. Kentucky select gold cant be beat.All the others have a slight pipe tobacco taste |and smell. I dont smoke a pipe. If you want a tobacco that taste like cigarette tobacco you have to try Kentucky select gold or regular. I use it to|rmo in a fresh choice electric cigarette machine with no problem. BnB has always shipped fast i

by Ray on 8/20/2012

I will buy this again


I use this to make my own. It doesn't clog the machine like others i have tryed. Good taste not harsh.

by Lin on 1/12/2014

Such a buy


Began using this product after my state RYO shop was prohibited from allowing consumers to use the machines. I purchased a Top-O-Matic machine there some tobacco and tubes then decided to check on what was available on line. The savings at BnB are significant. The product arrives in a timely manner & is the same as I was buying locally except for a lot less. My only complaint is that from time to

by Carra on 9/27/2013

I buy this product often


The last order I received the tobacco was drythat is the first time for this.

by Jo on 5/21/2013

Don't judge a book by its cover


RYO cigarettes.

by svgreg54 on 4/3/2013

My shopping experience has been great!


There used to be 5 pound bags of tobacco available. Will you ever have those again?

by Winky on 4/2/2013

Affordability and Quality.


I have enjoyed this product greatly so far. The bag is high quality and reseals easily ever time. The tobacco is a consistent cut and flavor. Shipping was timely and the price was right. Good job!

by Slush33 on 10/30/2012

Very Smooth


Smoother than regular. Works well for RYO

by Gene gem on 4/16/2012

Very Nice


Can't wait to receive it so I can cut it open for the flavorful smell. Most of the time I roll our cigarettes with it and sometimes I'll smoke some in my pipe. The price is great and I have tried several others but ALWAYS come back to this one. Only thing I can say that I don't like about it is sometimes it has more stems than usual. But overall it's a great buy and wouldn't recommend anything els

by Dr.Ks Salsa own on 4/12/2012

Still not sure


Product seemed a little dry for my liking not much scent and not much flavor to the tobbaco. The packaging was horrible. 2nd time I opened the bag the zipper came apart. Had to transfer to another brand bag to save it from becoming any drier. I wont buy this product again.

by Carharttkowboy on 11/22/2013

Kentucky Select Gold


with regular tubes this can be a bit harsh, but if you pair this with a menthol or light tube you're in for a smooth ride with a nice taste. i've been smoking this tobacco for 2+ years. i like the beretta tubes.

by Cody on 4/29/2014

Excellent Tobacco


I have been ordering this tobacco for many years and have yet to find any thing better. I use it to roll my own and they have a great flavor and they last twice as long as any store bought out there. The only draw back is cleaning the stems out of the tobacco before rolling. Overall I rate it 5 stars for the BEST in Quality.

by Dr Kersh on 9/19/2013

Kentucky Select Gold


Using it for RYO and it works great in a Top-O-Matic injector. Used Tops Light king tubes. Flavor was like a Winston light to me. I smoke between 10 to 12 cigarettes a day||A few small sticks like you get in any bulk tobacco not a big deal.||This is a 5 star tobacco for RYO.

by aap on 12/6/2012

Perfect flavor and cut


Nothing bad to say

by SrCokenSmoke on 5/19/2012



Really smooth & good taste. Having problems dropping the fire. I think it's too dry. It may just be me. I am experimenting with adding moisture. So far it's working! Otherwise very good tobacco!

by SherrieN on 4/28/2012

Tubes were smashed


I love the tobacco, but in shipping my cigarette tubes got smashed so it's been hard to roll them..

by joseph d. on 8/13/2014
Kentucky Select pipe tobacco is a top graded premium pipe tobacco that will keep pipe smokers entranced with its smooth taste, hearty flavors, and slow burns. Whether you want regular, aromatic, or natural, this tobacco brand comes in three distinct flavors that will suit all tastes. Here at BNB Tobacco, we offer the lowest price on the web for this tobacco, and other great premium tobacco brands on the market. Kentucky Select only uses fine quality tobaccos without any added chemicals, so you can expect great flavor and organic processing that will give you plenty of value for your money.
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