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Ohm Turkish Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Ohm Turkish Red Pipe Tobacco 16oz

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Product Information
Ohm Turkish tobacco is a highly aromatic, small-leafed tobacco that is sun-cured. The name “Turkish” refers to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the historic production areas until the late 19th/ early 20th century. It has a milder flavor and contains less nicotine and fewer carcinogens. Even though tobacco was introduced in the Americas, it was brought over to the Ottoman Turks and they developed what is now Ohm Turkish tobacco.
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The BEST full bodied tobacco!


The best full bodied tobacco I have ever found! When occasionally I have to buy it locally I drive over an hour round trip and it's well worth it! It reminds me of the Turkish found in Camel unfiltered which I smoked for many years. Top quality hands down!

by on

Nice Tobacco and a Smooth Smoke


I use this for RYO. It is a very smooth tobacco. I would recommend this to anyone.

by Harry on 8/5/2013

2nd Year Smoking Ohm Turk


This is my favorite tobacco for MYO. Seems like there has been a gradual increase in dust in this tobacco. I use a sifter for the bottom half of the bag. Still this makes for an excellent smoke much better than factory made.

by AL on 6/13/2013

Good tobacco great price


Ohm Turkish Red is my go-to tobacco for everyday use even beating my previous favorite Bull Durham. I buy it in the 16-oz. bags. Good solid flavor nicely shredded burns well good moisture out of the package. Because of its cut however it has a tendency to dry out fairly quickly so I tend to roll the entire pound into small paper "pipes" (this is a pipe tobacco not for cigarette use othe

by Slothbear on 6/7/2013

My Favorite Tobacco


Have tried about six different tobacco's for MYO cigarettes and this one suits my tastes better than any of the others. I have nothing negative to report.

by AL on 4/2/2013

I certainly prefer this over any other.


I roll my own cigarettes and this product is a wonderful|full bodied smoke. I'll roll up about 75 on a night when |I'm going to go out to a bar or a party and every time|anyone is asking someone to bum a smoke I give them two |to try and tell them about the finer points of smoking |them compared to a store bought pack of mass produced |cigarettes. I've been told on more than one occasion if |I r

by Kavika KuppieKa on 9/3/2012

I just like it.


Just making sigarretes and smoking them

by Konstantin on 8/29/2012

Mild an Tasty


Great flavor.

by famondo on 10/6/2013

Solid tobacco


Mixes well with Dark Horse Turkish gold for a Camel Turkish Royal taste and stands alone as well very similar to Camel Filters.

by Frankie the Mic on 8/4/2013

This is a great product.


The service and the delivery was very good.

by Gil on 7/10/2013

Great taste wonderful smoke.Love it.


Outstanding taste and wonderfull for R.Y.O.Tobacco was perfect for me as I use a manual injector.Smooth injectingwith a perfect resulting cig.I love its taste but would rate it as mildly strong rather than strong.For those looking for a full bodied taste would rate this as perfect with an outstanding but mild Turkish flavor.I highly recommend to all to try it.Very Enjoyable though I do love v

by fred on 4/2/2013

very happy with it thank you


no comment

by no nickname on 9/10/2012

Good Smoke


This is an above average tobacco based on my comparison to others I have tried. Used this with Zen tubes. When I was a factory made smoker I smoked Camels both the filtered and non-filtered. This tobacco is not a substitute for Camels. Nonetheless it has a good flavor fewer stems in the bag less dust easier to inject and I've had no Cherry Bombs.

by AL on 9/20/2012

This is no Camel.


This is really a Bugler knock-off. There may be Turkish in the blend but not much and it's buried by the anise flavoring.|It might cover a Camel Light using a filtered tube but I've been smoking Camel Regulars for 30+ years and this ain't even close.

by Steveaux on 7/19/2012
Ohm Pipe Tobacco is a domestic brand pipe tobacco offered in a variety of distinct flavors, Bold, Mild, Turkish Red, Mint are just a few. BnB Tobacco offers quality Ohm pipe tobacco at cheapest price online
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