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Parodi Ammezzati Cigars 5x10 Pack (50ct)

Parodi Ammezzati Cigars 5x10 Pack

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Product Information
The Parodi brand has been manufactured by the Suraci family since 1925. The brand consists of three sizes. The taste of the iconic cigar will vary based on the length of the cigar, but it’s always delightful. An iconic mainstay for cigar lovers. Naturally smooth while being big on flavor. Taste: Savory with slightly earthy tones Aroma: Herbal with hints of roasting nut and almond Ideal Match: Red Wine, spirits, and handcrafted beer.
Brand: Type: Machine Made Cigars Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Wrapper: Kentucky Filler: United States
Series: Parodi Cigars Strength: Medium-Full Flavor: Natural
Shape: Cigarillos Packaging: Pack Ring Gauge: 34
Length: 3.5
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Avanti’s cigars originated in 1901 when Dominic Anthony and Frank Suraci left their small Italian village in Calabria to begin a new life in New York City. Familiar with the small hand-rolled cigars known as TOSCANO, the Suracis saw an opportunity to capitalize on their love of these cigars and serve the growing Italian-American population. By the 1920’s, they were manufacturing and selling their best rated cigars as the State Leaf Company. In 1925 they purchased a Jersey City factory from the Parodi family, a leading competitor. Parodis became the primary brand and the company was named Parodi Cigar. The Suraci Brothers fell on difficult times during the stock market crash of 1929. So they relocated to Scranton, Pennsylvania, close to major East Coast cities. After World War II they purchased another key competitor, DeNobili Cigar Company of Long Island. By 1952, the brothers were in control of 75% of the Italian-style cigar market. In 1963 they purchased the only remaining competitor, Petri Cigar. In 1970 the signature Avanti Cigar, flavored with an anisette tip, was introduced and went on to become the company’s premier brand of best rated cigars. This style cigar was so successful the Parodi Cigar Group reorganized and became the Avanti Cigar Company. Over a century after its founding the Avanti Cigar Company has come full circle. Inspired by the legendary TOSCANO cigar, the company was acquired in 2015 by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano, part of the Maccaferri Group. Avanti Cigar Company remains the only producer of dry cured cigars in the United States. Parodi Cigars
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