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Quality Pipe Tobacco

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Arrowhead Tobacco Full Flavor $8.95 per pound

Based on 25 reviews

What a tasty special, right on time as well. Thank you very much BnB Tobacco.

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4 Aces Tabacco

Based on 25 reviews

Would like to see more discounts or free shipping offers. Good Company !

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Borkum Riff Bourbon Pipe Tobacco

Based on 26 reviews

I have enjoyed smoking this tobacco for many years. I hope BNB Tobacco continues to offer it. They have given me great service!

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Great Service

Based on 16 reviews

We place an order every couple of months, and it's so quick and easy. Stays fresher in the individual packs, too.

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Based on 15 reviews

The order I placed was delivered on time, and in good condition. Thank you.

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Decent price

Based on 14 reviews

Not bad for the price. I'm actually a "menthol" smoker... I've been using the menthol tubes plus menthol tobacco and seemed to be too much I decided to try the regular tobacco hoping it would lessen the menthol... I guess for the price... it's not bad tobacco... although it seems a little on the "strong" side...

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Arrowhead Menthol 16 oz.

Based on 14 reviews

What a surprise find this tobacco is! It has a smooth taste, even burn, and nice cut, all for a low price. Arrowhead tobacco is another great deal from BnB - always a great product, always a great company.

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Borkum Riff

Based on 10 reviews

Excellent procduct and service.

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Based on 5 reviews

4 Aces Mint has proven to be a top quality product, without stems. BnB has an excellent price point.

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