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Premier Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine

Premier Supermatic Machine

Retail: $49.99
You Save: $5.00
Product Information
Premier Supermatic Cigarette Injector Machine - Premier Injectors (Can be used with King and 100mm size tubes)
Brand: Type: RYO Injectors Manufacturer:
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user beware


I was cautioned by the retailer not to force the machine or it would break.I also read the instructions and warnings that came with it.My first attempt resulted in a perfect cig.On my second attempt the plastic bushing broke into little pieces.I am waiting for the warrenty card to be on file to send it in for repairs.

by on

Excellent machine, made well.


I had a plastic version of this I used for 15+years. It finally broke beyond repair, so I ordered this model, which is all metal. I am sure this one will last even longer!

by Donald on 11/4/2015

This is the only machine


This is the only machine I have used in the last 6 years and the only one I will use. I have other machines but this the best .

by Gerald on 7/10/2014

Premier Supermatic Machine


best machine on the market

by Rosa on 3/15/2014

great product


This is my second time buying this machine the old one lasted me 7 years with daily use. One thing I found with my old machine in the last year was that I had to use WD40 about once a month on the working parts under the bottom pad.

by wolfferret on 2/10/2014

Excellent Service and Supplies


I roll my own cigarettes. I can't beat the price and love the cigar tobacco taste. The Primear wrappers are the best.

by Tinkerbell on 4/27/2012

Very good machine


Solid. It should last a very long tme.

by dkw on 5/13/2013

This mashine is TOTAL GARBAGE


This mashine is garbageI asked to exchange it for Premier Supermatic EXCELnobody even answered my e-mail. Making cigarettes with this mashine is a pain in.......Can somebody take it away and send me Premier Supermatic ExcelI don't even want a refund for for this garbage

by roman on 4/25/2013

44 cartons down and going strong


Hello every one big help for me was making a simple paper hopper that holds enough tobacco for about 20 smokes.It cuts down on the time spent making smokes and leaves the areas clean that shouldn"t have tobacco falling all over it. Averaging one every 5 to 10 seconds with hopper.

by Dave on 2/21/2013

Bet ya never wear it out.


Easy to use messy depending upon the operator I guess makes a great cigarette about 30 sec. per smoke for me.

by Ramprat on 4/16/2012

Premier is known for their high quality tubes and injector machines. The variety of flavors and sizes making “rolling your own” easier than ever. They offer Full Flavor, Light, and Menthol flavored tubes in 100’s size and king size (84mm).

Their injector machines are easy to use and reliable. Depending on what size you are rolling or how much you are willing to spend, you can choose from the Supermatic I or II, the excel and many other large or handheld machines. Either way, if you are looking for tubes or machines, Premier is one of the best brands on the market.

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