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Asheville Hemp Project Pre-rolls

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10 Packs of 10
10 Packs of 10
$149.99 Save 25%
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Pack of 10
Pack of 10
$15.99 Save 20%
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The hemp in these Premium Pre-Rolls is grown on their farm and cured in their barns - the premium hemp flower is consistently rolled in unbleached hemp paper with a unique biodegradable crutch. No need to filter out the reason you smoke - seriously.

Smoking their Hemp Cigarettes has an immediate pleasurable effect, and is a great way to ease off of tobacco and nicotine.

These Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls come in a 10 pack or 10 packs of 10 Carton to ensure having a soothing and relaxing smoke on hand at all times. 100mg CBD in each pre-roll and contains <.3% THC. Non-Filtered.

Packaging: Carton of 10