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Cigar of the Month - Monthly

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Monthly Recurring

5 Premium Cigars of Month
5 Premium Cigars of Month
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Trust Your Tobacconist!  At BnB we strive to provide consistent value for your hard-earned money. Every month’s shipment features a different, curated five pack of premium cigars select by our "locally famous" Certified Retail Tobacconist Brett J, owner of Tobaccology with a value that exceeds the cost of the sampler. With a range of cigars from companies you recognize that are pillars in the industry to boutique manufacturers you may not have heard of just yet, our selection is curated and affordable!

We aim to exceed your expectations of what a Cigar of the Month Club is by introducing you to brands and vitolas you may not be smoking currently. We will also be including special sections denoted by asterisk; Yellow Cello, That Guy Filler and Unbanded/Blind* throughout the year as each of these is useful for most smokers and a fun way to participate in our Community on top of the great value of cigars! Having trouble shopping for someone you know...well we have the perfect gift for that premium cigar smoker in your life! Reviews and Pairing information will be provided for four of the cigars, the fifth being a premium, *unbanded/smoke-blind cigar.

Trust Your Tobacconist Club Specifics:

- Trust Your Tobacconist Club is only $29.99 per month.  Shipping not included
- Every month’s shipment features a different, curated five pack of premium cigars
- Billing occurs on the 15th of each month.
- Orders will begin shipping out immediately within a day or two of that charge every month.
- Pausing or cancelling your subscription can happen at any time. Subscribers can easily pause or cancel their subscription up until 7 days before 15th of each month without charge. Subscriptions can be turned back on again just as easily in the same My Account section. Accounts will be left inactive until they are restarted in the My Account section.
- Due to regulations and various taxation issues, this product is limited to addresses within the United States of ‘Murica.
- No promotional codes or discount offers are available with these items.
- Only 1 Trust Your Tobacconist Club subscription and/or gift per customer account is allowed.

*This section of our Monthly Club will be reserved for an un-banded cigar. There is nothing like trying a cigar with no preconceived notions. It forces you to dive into the senses we use to taste or smell a cigar with! In the near future, we will have a podcast that is associated with this sampler where Brett J (Owner of Tobaccology) will be smoking this un-banded cigar with the guest and giving our thoughts on it as we smoke. Everyone who purchases these Monthly Club cigars will be able to send in their thoughts on what the cigar is and we will choose from those who guess correctly to receive some logoed SWAG with their following month’s kit! Stay tuned as more details will come about on this process as we try to provide some cool experiences associated with this Monthly Club!