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E-Tron Blueberry E-Hookah

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5 Pack
5 Pack
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E-Tron electronic cigarettes will give you the same feel as a regular cigarette, without all of the harmful chemicals and distasteful odors. E-Tron has built their brand around premium products and great prices. This has led to their superb reputation of being one of the leading electronic cigarette manufacturers in the industry. Their products are convenient, affordable, and stylish, and they offer an array of accessories that will make your vaping experience both enjoyable and satisfying. Their disposable e-cigs contain 500 puffs per unit or the equivalent of 2 packs of regular cigarettes.

E-Tron Blueberry Disposable E-Hookah 6mg/0.6% Nicotine

Brand E-Tron,
Packaging 5 Pack, Single,
Flavor Blueberry,
Strength 6mg/0.6%,
Brand: E-Tron
Packaging: 5 Pack Single
Flavor: Blueberry
Strength: 6mg/0.6%