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Hempzilla Watermelon Ice CBD Pods

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Watermelon Ice

8 Pack (16 Pods)
8 Pack (16 Pods)
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Watermelon Ice

1 Pack (2 Pods)
1 Pack (2 Pods)
$16.99 Save 22%
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Hempzilla's CBD pods are compatible with Juul devices. When it comes to CBD vape juices Hempzilla proprietary blend provides the leading brand in the industry with their 6-month no separation guarantee. 2Pods Per Pack of 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Ingredients: Proprietary Blend CBD, Natural Flavorings, VG, PG. Non-Psychoactive / No Nicotine

Packaging 8 Packs of 2, Pack of 2,
Flavor Watermelon Ice,
Packaging: 8 Packs of 2 Pack of 2
Flavor: Watermelon Ice