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Ignite CBD Pink Chill Disposable

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Pink Chill

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Pink Chill

6 Pack (6ct)
6 Pack (6ct)
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CBD Oil blended with your favorite flavoring for release at the end of a stress-filled day or grounding to help you start a new one. Formerly Known "Bubble Gum," Same Great Flavor. 250MG | 1-2MG with each 3-second puff.

Ingredients include: All-natural, hemp-derived CBD oil, Fractionated coconut oil (MCT), Stevia, and Natural flavoring.

Quality: Thoroughly tested, ISO 19075:2015 certified, 0% THC, No pesticides, and Genetically modified/gluten free.

Packaging 6 Pack, Single,
Flavor Pink Chill,
Packaging: 6 Pack Single
Flavor: Pink Chill